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Knife of Dreams

In Robert Jordan’s final novel published during his lifetime, the series refocuses onto the Last Battle and all that must be done before it arrives.

Summary of Knife of Dreams

Novel written by

Robert Jordan

Book summary by Jim Vogel. Edited by Angela Carter.

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Knife of Dreams: Summary

Galad confronts Eamon Valda, accusing him of murdering Morgase. Galad defeats Valda in single combat, killing him and becoming Lord Captain Commander of the Whitecloaks.

Perrin meets with Seanchan Banner-General Tylee Khirgan and forms an alliance to assault the Shaido Aiel in Malden. They gather supplies, including a massive amount of forkroot, which they use to spike Malden’s water supply and disable the Shaido Wise One channelers.

Mat continues to travel through Altara with Valan Luca’s traveling circus. Along the way he grows closer with Tuon. Thom reveals to Mat that Moiraine is alive and being held captive by the Aelfinn and Eelfinn. They formulate a plan to infiltrate the Finn’s world using the Tower of Ghenjei thanks to Olver’s knowledge of the game of Snakes and Foxes. Mat and Noal agree to accompany Thom on his mission to save Moiraine.

The Forsaken meet inTel’aran’rhoid and Moridin instructs them not to kill Rand, but to find and kill Perrin and Mat. Semirhage has murdered the Seanchan empress and the entire royal family (excluding Tuon), plunging Seanchan forces on both sides of the Aryth Ocean into chaos.

Elayne discovers the Black Ajah infiltrators in Camelyn and though the confrontation ends with her captured, she is rescued by forces led by Birgitte with help from the Sea Folk channelers. With their assistance, she defeats the forces besieging Caemlyn and finally becomes queen of Andor.

Egwene is captured by the White Tower and demoted to novice in an attempt to discredit her. She continues to lead the Rebel Tower, meeting them in Tel’aran’rhoid and refusing rescue despite frequent beatings and punishments. She begins a campaign to spread doubt about Elaida’s reign as Amyrlin.

An army of 100,000 Trollocs attacks Rand’s group still recovering from the cleansing of saidin. Lews Therin takes control of saidin from Rand and utilizes devastatingly powerful new weaves. Loial and Erith marry, and Loial leaves to speak at the Great Stump to try and convince the Ogier to fight against the Shadow in the Last Battle. Nynaeve transports Lan to World’s End in Saldea and he rides for Tarwin’s Gap to assault the Blight. She goes ahead of him to gather support along the way.

Just before the Battle of Malden, Galina Casban betrays and attempts to kill Faile and those closest to her, but they are saved by Rolan and the Brotherless. Perrin’s army, including Two Rivers archers led by Tam, assaults Malden and Perrin survives a betrayal and assassination attempt by Aram, who was convinced Perrin was a Darkfriend by Masema. Perrin rescues his wife, though he kills Rolan without knowing the former had been protecting Faile. The remaining Shaido that are not captured are led back to the Waste by Therava, including a recaptured Galina.

Mat reunites with Talmanes and an even larger and better equipped Band of the Red Hand. Together they launch a campaign of guerilla warfare against the Seanchan army sent by Suroth to murder Tuon. They are found by Furyk Karede, who takes over protection of Tuon and gives Mat intelligence to destroy the Seanchan force. Before returning and assuming power in Ebou Dar, Tuon completes the marriage ceremony with Mat, making him the Prince of Ravens.

Rand goes to meet with the Daughter of the Nine Moons, though he discovers it is Semirhage in disguise. Rand loses his hand in the confrontation, burned away by the Forsaken’s attack while Lews Therin battled him for control of saidin. Semirhage is taken captive.

Both the rebel Aes Sedai and Red Sisters from the Tower send representatives to the Black Tower to bond Asha’man as Warders. Taim agrees and says, “Let the Lord of Chaos rule,” a phrase previously used by the Forsaken.

The Wheel of Time

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