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The Gathering Storm

Brandon Sanderson begins the first of his three Wheel of Time novels, in which Rand and Egwene are the primary focus.

Summary of The Gathering Storm

Novel written by

Robert Jordan & Brandon Sanderson

Book summary by Jim Vogel. Edited by Joan Albright.

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The Gathering Storm: Summary

Rand attempts to organize the people of Arad Doman. He is frustrated by increasing bubbles of evil, the spoiling food supplies, and the inability to gather the merchant council to declare a new king. He does find Rodel Ituralde (who led his army to victory over the Seanchan at Darluna) and Rand convinces the Great Captain to protect the other Borderlands while Rand tries to set Arad Doman right.

Egwene continues to argue against Elaida within the tower, where she is treated as a novice. She begins to convince Sitters and the Heads of Ajah of the danger of Elaida’s rule, and convinces many members of the various Ajahs to socialize and work together again. She uncovers the Black Ajah Hunters and influences them as well.

Gawyn abandons his forces when he learns Egwene is a captive. He joins Bryne and Siuan at the Rebel camp, but is unable to convince them to go against Egwene’s orders and mount a rescue.

Perrin begins moving his army and the refugees from Malden back to their homelands. Mat discovers and survives the village of Hinderstap and then meets Verin, who agrees to take him to Caemlyn. Egwene is imprisoned after confronting Elaida.

Rand is captured with the Domination Band by Semirhage, who he overcomes and kills with True Power balefire. He grows even colder and more remote, failing utterly to save Bandar Eban. When Nynaeve helps Rand discover Graendal’s location, he uses the Choedan Kal access key to weave balefire to destroy Graendal’s entire palace, along with hundreds of innocents. Rand fails to negotiate peace with the Seanchan, instead provoking an assault on the White Tower by the Seanchan army.

Verin admits being Black Ajah to Egwene, but commits suicide to do so. Verin studied the Black Ajah as a mole. She turns over a lifetime of research to Egwene, including the identities of all known members of the Black Ajah. The Seanchan raid damages the Tower, but Egwene leads a resistance and destroys much of the Seanchan forces. Discovering Elaida among the missing, the Aes Sedai in the White Tower select Egwene as their new Amyrlin. Egwene purges the Black Ajah from both the Rebel and Tower Aes Sedai, and reunifies the White Tower.

Rand nearly kills his father in a rage when Cadsuane brings the two together. Rand Travels to Ebou Dar, intent on destroying the Seanchan and every city allied with them, but is forced to change plans. He eventually ends up on Dragonmount, preparing to die there again, but realizes that the cycle of Rebirth means he has a chance to fix his mistakes. Instead of using the Choedan Kal to destroy the world, he destroys the access key and learns to laugh again.

The Wheel of Time

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