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The Stone

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Friday was a beautiful day in the Two Rivers. There was a gentle breeze blowing inland and the sky was crystal. Perfect. Unlike the services a year ago, the laying of the ledger stone on Jim's grave was a quiet family affair. So, with apologies, I won't share the details. Jim's resting place is identified with a marker that will last for a few hundred years. I found myself thinking that his work will outlive even the marble on his grave. The stone is simple in form. It is etched with a few words which perfectly describe the gentle giant of a man that he was.....


James Oliver Rigney, Jr.


Born October 17, 1948

Died September 16, 2007


Father Story Teller

Soldier Singer

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i presume his fetes, for i never met the man. but if his tale is any indication of his granduer , he has taken his place in tel'aran'rhiod, alongside heroes of legends, and Hopper. i wish him the best and hope the wheel will turn him out again in a time he can use his beautiful mind to help again the world.


Rest In Peace

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As he always wrote: 'The Wheel weaves as the Wheel wills.' His books are ta'avern; pulling everyone towards their incredible stories, and may he Rest in Peace in the World of Dreams.

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