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  1. AW! i was going to share the world ending one haha. nice one:)
  2. She got you! That letter is very interesting as its consequences are. But no more talk about it. Read and enjoy! fair enough haha i think he is bonkers, but i like how he has developed; he isn't as pompous as he was a couple books ago, and i can't wait to see what happens with Lews Therin...and when Rand finally reunites with his dad. as far as their splitting...it is driving me nuts not knowing what is going on with everyone!! My favorite character list is ridiculous, but if i had to narrow it down(no particular order) it would include, Perrin, Faile, Elyas(wish i'd see more of him), Mat and Moraine. and my favorite sceen, BY FAR, is when Faile touched the Ter'angreal and was trapped in the dream and Perrin went to rescue her...but more so was how Loial stood guard;D and Rhuidean was amazing! it brought about so much emotion regarding the tinkers and Aiel. i'm interested to see what i will notice when i reread the series, but i'll agree that this first read throws heavy fists!
  3. i always said i was of age when asked, even when younger;) I'LL LEAVE THE STEDDING IF I WISH!!!
  4. maybe Birgitte then? there's an interesting character! when i thought she had died my stomach churned and then when i realized she had been pulled from tel'aran'rhiod i was freaking out....which is why i wonder about Moraine lol..if something similar will happen and if maybe she is another hero from legends past(don't answer that though HAHAHA). fortunately, i have only been victim to one spoiler thus far; my ex thought it was funny to spoil Moraine's letter to Tom:(
  5. me too! when i was on that book i was listening to the audio book at work and then reading when i got home, and i was really glad i got to read the ending...i sped the whole way home haha
  6. I absolutely loved that chapter. It's still one of the highlight's of the series I think. The way RJ put that together and the tension and power of the scene were just incredible, and then to follow it up with Rand reading Moiraine's letter was fantastic. I think at the time I read Chapter 52: Choices I thought she was in Finnland and would come out fairly soon with super powers. I was also afraid she was dead, but the letter to Rand hinted at more to come. Glad you're getting into the series, I love discussing them, that's why I'm here every day. ;) it was intense to say the least haha. he has a great way of conveying chaos :)
  7. Well, if you are on Book 6 and she dies in Book 5 then youve been missing her for one book now? Fish well, when you put it that way:P and i am a couple chapters into book 7 now; got in some time before an appointment today...even though it hasn't been long, it feels like it has.
  8. haha, well that takes care of that! *slaps palm on the bar. how is everyone?
  9. I fully agree! to be able to pick up one book after another is amazing! and i don't really know what to discuss, there is so much to the series, it is hard to narrow it down. perhaps Moraine? i remember thinking just a couple days ago how much i miss her; she was a powerful character. i often find myself wondering if she is wandering Tel'aran'rhiod. what do you guys think? or rather, what were your thoughts when you were in the middle of the series? haha
  10. i don't know what the drinking age is around here, but it is a lovely place and i would love an Ogier Ale :)
  11. I am six books deep, and would love to talk about them; how could one contain expression after walking a universe that resonates with the mystery of our own? :) i could of course just browse other discussions, but i am deathly afraid of spoilers haha. Tai Shar Manetheren!
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    The Stone

    i presume his fetes, for i never met the man. but if his tale is any indication of his granduer , he has taken his place in tel'aran'rhiod, alongside heroes of legends, and Hopper. i wish him the best and hope the wheel will turn him out again in a time he can use his beautiful mind to help again the world. Rest In Peace
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  14. Thank you! I will be cautious:)
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