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The Eye of the World

Robert Jordan introduces his world to us through intense action, as well as some breathtakingly powerful moments.

The Eye of the World

The Eye of the World The Eye of the World The Eye of the World The Eye of the World

Original cover art by Darrell K. Sweet
eBook artwork by David Grove (Tor.com feature)


The Eye of the World is the first book of The Wheel of Time. It was first published by Tor Books and released on January 15, 1990 and has remained in print continuously since that time. It consists of a prologue and 53 chapters.

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From the Two Rivers & To the Blight

On January 2, 2002, The Eye of the World was re-released as two separate books by Starscape Books. These new editions were targeted toward a younger market, and included additional content not found in the original edition. Most notably, there was a new additional prologue entitled "Ravens", focusing on Egwene al'Vere when she was 9 years old. The first half of the book was called From the Two Rivers, and the second book (the second half) was called To the Blight.
From the Two Rivers To the Blight From the Two Rivers To the Blight

Original cover art by Charles Keegan


Strangers have come to the remote area of the Two Rivers; strangers the likes of which Rand, Mat and Perrin have never seen—a Lady named Moiraine like out of a gleeman’s tale, and her Warder, Lan, and then the gleeman to go with it. Fireworks, a gleeman and a Lady, all in time for Winternight Festival—not even the presence of a dark figure haunting the woods, a figure the wind does not seem to touch, can scare away their excitement.

But then the dark rider returns, bringing with him Trollocs—the monstrous soldiers of the Dark One, a blending of man and animal—and Winternight is torn apart in blood and fire. Only the work of the mysterious and powerful Aes Sedai, Moiraine, pushes back the Shadowspawn onslaught. Worse still, it becomes apparent that the Trolloc attack had a focus—Rand, Mat and Perrin. Not knowing why the Shadow seeks them, Moiraine warns them—they must leave, or the Shadow would return, and next time their village may not be so lucky.

Fleeing the Two Rivers with Shadowspawn hard on their heels, the boys have no choice but to trust Moiraine as they seek the safety of the White Tower in fabled Tar Valon, seat of the Aes Sedai’s power. Yet the Shadow is not to be denied, and soon worse than Trollocs dog their trail. When they learn that the Dark One means to blind the Eye of the World, to slay the Great Serpent and destroy the Wheel of Time itself they realise they cannot run any further. If the Dark One is to be stopped, if the Wheel and time is to be saved, then it must be them to do it. But what can three village boys hope to achieve against the single greatest evil humanity has ever encountered?

The Eye of the World marks the opening blows of humanities last, desperate fight with the god-like Dark One. If they fall, existence falls with them. Yet prophecy is dark, and hopes are slim. Will victory be any better than defeat?

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Fun Facts

  • Robert Jordan originally pitched the series to Tor Books as a trilogy. Tom Doherty, the founder of Tor, knew the lengthy books RJ tended to write, so he offered him a six book contract instead.
  • The original U.S. book covers for the book featured at least one additional character from the Two Rivers. According to Robert Jordan, this character was intended to be a major character in the series. But very quickly the character was cut and their role was merged with that of other characters.
  • Robert Jordan's real name is James Oliver Rigney. He is a decorated Vietnam Vet and enjoys hunting, fishing, poker, and pipe collecting. He passed away on September 16, 2007.

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