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  1. Theorylanders are just really strange sometimes.

  2. I am having difficulty staying awake more than a few hours at a time...

  3. Theorylander Great Lord of the Dark is blogging his #wotrr - check it out! http://t.co/KajvH72R

  4. See, there's a reason I don't post in threads like this. @Theoryland http://t.co/esaqnIVu

  5. Great post on writing, and editing: http://t.co/rVN3A6aN

  6. I have a lot of info on Harriet from the interviews, about her career. Not as much as I'd like, but I'll start her page over from scratch.

  7. Best Fox article ever. :: My Lesbian Daughter, The Bible And Sex | Fox News http://t.co/buDRbqPH via @fxnopinion

  8. ...Huntsman should at least give a nod to those who have already heard it. 'As I've said before...' He says it like it's new every time.

  9. Every time I get mad at @BarackObama for something I have to go watch a few videos and remind myself how awesome he is. Not press speeches.

  10. I put up a playlist from YT on Wikip for the NH GOP debate for people like me looking for video, and it got reverted with no replacement. :s

  11. Fox poll: Should we reduce the size of the military? No vote, one option. Yes vote, divided into four arguments. Clever, aren't they?

  12. My horoscope today says I will be most successful if I try living in a fantasy land.

  13. I really want some cheesecake. And I blame @JamesLuckman.

  14. Interesting how no one seems to make a connection between black helicopters and Hal Lindsey's locust helicopters.

  15. I am forced to disagree with @MTaibbi. It's not meaningless. It's just not meaningful in the most optimal way. http://t.co/FwtPJQGf

  16. Maybe we should take a poll. @Theoryland I realize you like orange, because you use it a lot, but I think you are in a minority.

  17. I sometimes wish I had access to the full text of the database so I could do a find-replace. @Theoryland But I have to do it in bits. *sigh*

  18. I finished all the name extensions on Twitter. Now I need to do a few more, and fix series titles. Some are italicized, some aren't.

  19. So there is another slight delay on the interview database. It won't be up today like I promised, but hopefully within a couple of days!

  20. Doing boring database stuff, i.e. fixing little consistency things, like adding Brandon's last name to all Twitter posts (tedious).

  21. Gee, I love root canals. I should do this more often. Anyone have a baseball bat I can borrow?

  22. Also, if you break your name up into Despot Hera...well, Hera is a goddess. Sorry.

  23. lol. You say that like being a girl is a bad thing! I see -thera at a WoT forum and I think Amathera, aka Thera. Sorry. :p Looks like you are doing a good job with the blog. Nothing has caught my eye as being incredibly convincing yet, but that's because I usually have to convince myself of things. :D

  24. I thought you were a girl!

  25. Hey, what is your Twitter handle? Peter is trying to find your tweet with no success because Brandon responded to the wrong person.

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