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  1. Does anyone know the difference between 'interactions' and 'mentions'? They seem to be the same...

  2. Funny when people repeat your theories as if they were original. Even funnier when it's in the same thread, a few posts later. Or next post.

  3. I'm drawing a blank as to what that is even supposed to be. @sleepinghour This wins the prize of "weirdest WoT cover" http://t.co/MrkdhllD

  4. Here's a WoT-only report from the Alloy of Law tour. Good stuff in here! http://t.co/LkBH8z1P

  5. Does anyone out there speak Russian well enough to translate some RJ interviews for the database? Let me know!

  6. RJ apparently always took a little time to see the world after finishing a book. And he always made sure to connect with the local fans.

  7. Interesting bits about WoT production copies revealed by one Kafmerchant at the Reread. http://t.co/vgxaR9sG TSR originally had a prologue!

  8. Downloaded my first @Twotcast in a while...and it's not even about WoT! I can't win...

  9. Just saw that I had misattributed one of my quotes in the database to be @JamesLuckman's. Oops!

  10. I liked it when you deleted spam and it disappeared immediately with a freaking refresh.

  11. Don't ever, EVER use Burt's Bees lip balm. It's incredibly addictive. I've been hooked for 3 years, and my mom just confessed her addiction.

  12. Really wish that people who never post on WoT discussion @Theoryland would shut the hell up about how it should be run.

  13. FINALLY finished transcribing the Geekerati podcast in which @BrandSanderson talks...AT LENGTH. ;) Also Goodkind. http://t.co/iByj1Hls

  14. Managed to hijack a gay marriage thread @Theoryland and turn it into a discussion of Lincoln and the history of socialism in the US. Yay me!

  15. It's not that. @TinkerPride It's just that your theories are so brilliant that we can only handle them in small doses else our brains melt.

  16. Just saw a new chronology bit has been posted since I last checked #wotgh Exact days on Elayne/Melaine's pregnancies! http://t.co/EleaO4B4

  17. Twice now I have accused @Theoryland of avoiding me when I actually had my AIM signed off.

  18. Ahh, @TinkerPride... "Your non-Valan Luca ideas viewpoint is acknowledged... however, I disagree..."

  19. Is it just me or did @stephenathome have a harder time not laughing at his own jokes 2night than usual? Even the ones he knew weren't funny.

  20. I love #RonPaul for no other reason than that he gets people to cheer his anti-war rants...at GOP debates. @billmaher #tcot

  21. Will probably jump off a WoT cliff in the next 24 hours. Wish me luck.

  22. I don't care who is more evil. @TinkerPride I want to know who is the sexiest evil luv machine!

  23. Woo, I found @dragonmount's first interview with @BrandSanderson in the Wayback Machine! http://t.co/ka7p2uBo Entering now.

  24. At @Theoryland we have always been the weird people hanging out in the dusty corner, as it were. Not that we ever had a problem with that :)

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