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  1. Reading an argument with @StellarPulse from 2006 in which I try to convince him that Taim is about to make his move and Pevara is in danger.

  2. Doesn't look like that's going to change any time soon. Did I ever have a good Lews Therin debate? I can't recall, really...

  3. Ah, fanfic. I love you so much. 'Another thing he loved was destroyed without mercy by the one who had tooken it all.'

  4. Forgot to put the garbage on the street today for the third week in a row. Good thing it's cold.

  5. My cat just gave me a Christmas gift: a turkey bone from someone else's garbage (didn't come from mine).

  6. Just watch; I'm going to lose my mod powerz right after getting them due to excess accidental edits...

  7. Happy birthday @BrandonSandrson ! We are counting down the days (13!) until you put your WoT head back on...but for now, have a good one. ;)

  8. In case anyone was wondering...yes, I am at least a little bit off my rocker. Not so bad as @FelixPax, but....well, you know. Sorry?

  9. I am transcribing an interview with Maria and Alan done by @4thAge and Jenn @Dragonmount is talking WAY more than @MariaLSimons.

  10. Wrote a paper for Conducting, taught by a band director. Used the word 'thus'. He marked me off and indicated I should use 'thusly' instead.


  12. Couple of months ago some dude asked me about my I Killed Asmo bumper sticker @ a red light. Today another dude asked. @ the same red light.

  13. I knew the questions would die down as soon as people realized I wasn't going to reveal much. It was fun while it lasted, tho. :)

  14. LOL. Something is cracking me up right now...and I can't say what!

  15. No, I will not answer questions in private. Ask in public, and if I can answer it there without spoiling, I will.

  16. Sleeping naked with my book tonight. Wait, did I say that out loud? No? Good thing.

  17. Oh, and by 'the end' I meant the last 4 chapters and the epilogue. And the epicgram.

  18. I think I read slower than I used to. Probably due to not reading as much as I used to. Good thing I got it early!

  19. YAY, I love reunions. :D

  20. BAH. That is all. Good chapter, tho. And I have the sticker! :D

  21. I get the feeling a lot of people are hiding from the forums and Twitter, scared of spoilers. I tried to get it early, but failed. *sigh*

  22. My transcript of ch. 2, including all free preview material: http://bit.ly/b4Wfhu Waiting to hear back from a beta reader on one spelling.

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