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  1. Brandon's Twitter is all caught up in the database. You can see the list of fan names drawn to be in #AMOL here: http://t.co/bqgZMZl1 #wot

  2. LOL. Someone is attempting to do a @TinkerPride at Theoryland. http://t.co/ixPrpCX0 Or perhaps attempting a Goodkind. Or both!

  3. The Foretelling was in Nynaeve's POV so we don't know her reaction, but Elayne grew up with Elaida and knows what a Foretelling looks like.

  4. Just wanted to say that I am very happy with the announced #AMOL release date, and all you people who are whining about it should calm down.

  5. More like a Mirror World where something went horribly wrong. RT @TinkerPride ...GOP candidates field for President is in a 1980s time warp.

  6. We have a noob at Theoryland who is zombie posting to hell and back.

  7. Does anyone have a copy of @BrandSanderson's first interview with @dragonmount?

  8. So, @Theoryland just made a very helpful change on the tag lists. WoT/Brandon tags now in columns! @17th Shard http://t.co/CBCbwaFa

  9. Be sure to thank Marie Curie, @WinesprngBrothr, @Theoryland and @zas678 for their hard work too! :p

  10. So, we're having a @Theoryland roll call again. Are you 'here'? http://t.co/JYcRcuVt

  11. What is up with presidential candidates and singing lately? Herman Cain, Steven Colbert, Obama, and now Romney!

  12. I just remembered why I stopped reading climate change debates a long time ago. I mean, wow people.

  13. Reading The Great Derangement by Matt Taibbi. It's a bit outdated but still a good read. I admire his courage. The USA can be a scary place.

  14. Ever notice that at every debate, Newt mentions a local pork project? (In other news, Jacksonville's soprano went for it on the anthem.)

  15. Has anyone heard from @Theoryland? I am starting to worry about him!

  16. So what if Gawyn kills Rand, and Rand's soul merges with Moridin's, and then Moiraine balefires first Gawyn and then Rand? :)

  17. Our Egwene thread is currently experiencing a resurgence. I blame the noob who zombie-posted. And now Cannoli has been cited. @zemaille

  18. For those of you who live in Provo...I hear your boy Chaffetz is looking for some nerds!

  19. Thanks to Harry Potter, 'umbridge' is now a popular misspelling for 'umbrage'.

  20. Speculative family tree for Rand, Elayne, etc. @zemaille @MariaLSimons http://t.co/GJIuV82R

  21. Why doesn't @BrandSanderson add his name to this? @neilhimself @donttrythis @trent_reznor (His previous comments imply agreement.)

  22. Good work, internet. I am proud of you. Let's hope this is enough. http://t.co/0hzElnjW

  23. Sometimes logic just doesn't do the trick.

  24. Well, goddammit. I thought I was using i.e. correctly, but Oatmeal disabused me.

  25. I maded a thread discussing @JamesLuckman's new theory. Did Moridin bond Rand? #wot #wotrr http://t.co/tWz4AA3I

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