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  1. Cleaned out my inbox for the first time since way before #wotgh. Took over an hour. Must be coming out of my slump. :)

  2. Did not get any work done today. Or not much anyway. Practiced some, fiddled with database a bit. Will, however, have good dreams tonight.

  3. Thanks to @shillstr for getting his buds to translate these Russian interviews with RJ. Beautiful job! http://t.co/hxL0P3Tw Will enter later

  4. Well, that was awkward.

  5. I hear this guy named Kellhus should win. @suvudu http://t.co/ISOymjQh

  6. Finally sorted out the mess on the balefire/Demandred quotes in the database, with footnotes and links.

  7. I have a new faction: Sorilea is a Darkfriend! Join if you agree. If not, let me convince you! http://t.co/BXxMV9H6 http://t.co/zHgH4ihF

  8. She is the ultimate cougar. @AprilDMoore #ASILF


    #ASILF Me? Rand. ;) @SethBaker @dragonmount lol. @twotcast could probably get this one going. Most of my followers would be like, wat?

  10. Thread @dragonmount: ASILF. It's like MILF, but for Aes Sedai. Apparently. This person's choice? ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... Cadsuane.

  11. Wicked Witch of the West vs Someone @suvudu http://t.co/xGYPa4EE

  12. I had never heard of planking before. A friend of mine described it. I said, 'that can't be real'. But Google has confirmed it. God help us.

  13. My school keeps mailing me and asking me to apply for grad school. Apparently no one in this department actually knows me.

  14. Anyone else out there speak Hungarian? @csarmi is missing. :( http://t.co/ma9A4mAe

  15. I bet they were all right about Verin. But not. Like @TinkerPride. Really, I should stop being...me. One day, I will figure it out.

  16. Rush Limbaugh fallout, wingnut translation: "Now [Obama] is openly going after the media and free speech."

  17. I love @maddow. "You being a dummy is a way bigger problem than you being a jerk." lol. (Totally out of context, but hey...)

  18. I feel like my vocabulary has dwindled in the last year or so. And so I blame Twitter. ... ... ... ... ...

  19. I dig the 'how many more books?' tag, but I think I need to make a 'three more books' tag. It was always 3 more, and still was when RJ died.

  20. So, there's some dude on Dragonmount telling me about how Malcolm's Razor shows my Sorilea theory is weak. lol.

  21. I am just now starting to realize how awesome direct linking for Q&A is. Saves sooo much quoting, and makes longposts more bearable.


    #wot fans can't decide if they dislike 'Gawyn kills Rand' because 1) don't want him to be a traitor or 2) too much of a tool for the honor.

  23. I like how @suvudu set it up this year so that if Moiraine and Kelsier face off, it will happen early. It was almost the finals last year.

  24. There is a particular person at the reread with certain mental deficiencies. I should probably just ignore that person, huh?

  25. Only Leigh's reread would get into a prolonged debate about the ethics of Rand's attack on Graendal in TGS.

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