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  1. If chris is in, then I am too 😃 Better not be scum again...
  2. Agreed The star trek look is pretty hot, or maybe I'm just a nerd, lol
  3. .... What? Like... Is he going to do the dishes after or something?
  4. Are we allowed to share it? And i don't think so... Don't remember anything in qt about you
  5. It was amazingly done! Had the original suck in my head for days though, lol
  6. Thank God for that Dunno how you got us through that aj And sorry hali Lol at len being so right and not being followed, had to try and put as much shade there as possible >.< I seriously wasn't active though, it was all aj =( Town was so close, i feel bad that somehow you didn't fully suspect me because i felt like i was drowning and it should have been obvious, lol Especially when i gave cass my old town game, i saw a few of my posts there and was so worried she'd figure that out
  7. What i don't like is you pushing a narrative that can't be proven just because that version fits your story best You did it with aj, and now with kat
  8. so you think that mafia!her purposefully locks her vote on someone wanting to kill her? i mean, i get that voting for cass was probably to make her look better, either way, but theres no way to prove whether she knew or not
  9. im more suspicious of len than aj i dunno as scum is more or less likely to notice that its locked, unless thats something thatd be broadcasted in scum chat? so its more whether you think shes more likely to vote you as scum or town, and at lylo (assuming she even noticed that), i dont really see a townie suiciding without good reason... like... i dont get the feeling that shes given up and just wants the game over, which i can understand so im leaning more that shes still trying to look good, and fight back, so voting for you to keep on your good side but you know her personality better than me not unless he played on mu, which i dont think so
  10. found it! it was one where i subbed, 2 years ago, but it was the first one i subbed into so i remembered it from the title https://www.personalitycafe.com/mafia/931458-mafia-open-11-game-thread-discworld-guards-guards-carnage.html#post31386762 turns out dice was town there oooh, and hali played, and it was her that i replaced (beginning of d2)
  11. well, mostly i saw his side in the whole len vs aj thing, felt like len was picking on him for something very small, and i thought his reaction was reasonable, and he was responding with stuff that i kinda wanted to add myself i think there were other smaller things where i could see where he was coming from it, but now that im asked, i dunno, maybe i was giving too much credit for not much... and i dont even know if there *was* actually a first one, lol i kinda feel like we'd met before the last game, but i cant remember anything about it ill try searching through the database, but if one of us subbed it wont be recorded yea, thats probably true, and apparently she thought she could change it, so i dunno how much she really wanted cass to get the vote in the end but yea, think cass is pretty much the top choice for most people kinda glad that me being inactive has at least some benefit for me, haha >.<
  12. oooh, i split it you, len and aj have all been giving lots of content and thoughts, and kat... hasnt so much, so shes kinda fallen to the bottom i follow your thoughts a lot, and can see you reevaluating people constantly, and i think that comes from a towny place i cant really understand where len is coming from at all, especially with the whole nyn thing, so hes dropped down a lot aj is kinda in the middle, he seems to be here a lot, and is looking at a lot of people, unlike len, but he doesnt seem to have such a... i dunno... strong voice? more sort of a poe thing, i guess, its not like shes overly scummy, and i do know some players who are just constantly fluffy and fency, but i just dont have anything to make me think town, and your iso of her town game is just too different to me as for teams... im not really good at that... ill dabble in it sometimes, but ive seen lots of games lost because people discount things as "never teamed", so i usually just restrict it to people that i already see as individually scummy and, like, i get what you mean about her and len, but i can also see a world where len chose to accuse nyn over kat, and keep aj alive because kat is his buddy dont remember what he (or i) was for the first game, but we were both town the next one i only know... one... maybe two players that are more towny as scum, so when dice was more towny than his previous town game i felt comfortable trusting him and thats why i havent voted for you yet, lol as it stands, youre the person i trust most to accuse the person you say you will, so thats why im leaning there for now, but i dunno who youre likely to accuse fwiw, im not set on kat yet, atm id be most happy with kat or len, but it still depends on the arguments people put forward today
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