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  1. but BFG/Chris will always be kind of a weird read for me.
  2. Or what world town!Chris isn't lighting scum!BFG on fire...
  3. No worries man. I was just hoping you were going to show up and help me with BFG because Chris was being less than helpful about it and no one else was interested in pushing there outside of me/Zander. I thought you looked towny as hell when you finally did start posting. I probably should have tried harder to get you to vote BFG with me/Zander. Nyn/WiFi were never going to vote with me/zander, so it was basically down to you and Kat.
  4. Thanks for the mercy kill honestly.
  5. GG, thanks for the game Darthe.
  6. I am disappointed by the selection of slap fight gifs, i'll be honest. Basically exactly what it sounds like. two people fighting but slapping instead of punching. think like 16 year old girls fighting in a hallway in high school. Except in a mafia game.
  7. and slap fights...so many slap fights.
  8. I actually think town play has gotten a lot stronger over the last year or so. Town's kind of taken it on the chin the last couple of games though.
  9. Do you really think she went after him though? I feel like she made a super weak attempt at resolving him which I'd expect BFG to try to resolve Chris as any alignment because she would as town and she'd be expected to at least try. I think if she completely avoided Chris but interacted with other people, he'd call her out for it in a heartbeat.
  10. yeah, that's fair. Mostly i was trying to check if a Dice/BFG/Hallia team made sense with Dice pushing one of Chris/BFG and Hallia as scum reads.
  11. That's fair, though I feel like he could have put Nyn there and i don't think anyone would bat an eye at it?
  12. I do have Dice/BFG as a possible team though, so there's that and I can't rule out Dice/Hallia.
  13. Well not sussing Chris as much as being paranoid of anyalignment!Chris.
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