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  1. I joined the challenge! To be honest, I'm also doing this somewhere else, but I'm not going to read the double amount of books^^ Right now, I'm trying to reduce my "to read pile" of books that I already bought, so I don't have any real order in what I am reading and am starting a lot of new series. Normally I like to keep reading all the books of a series once I started, but we will see how this goes. Two days per week are reserved for my WoT re-read. I'm currently halfway through The Dragon Reborn. Do you also read many diffrent stories at the same time or do
  2. I love these! It's such a great way to keep track of what I was reading. Goal: 25 books Completed: 1/25 Lockwood & Co: Das Grauenvolle Grab - Jonathan Stroud 2/25 Die Blendende Klinge - Brent Weeks
  3. So, what has changed in the Red Ajah since I was a member?
  4. Tamcha, initiate. Still too lazy to google actors^^ I never remember any actors' names.
  5. Yes, that's exactly what I thought. So, what would you like to know? I'm 33, I live in Germany and am working as a pharmaceutical Engineer. I have 4 Axolotl and I'm an archer. When I have time left, I like to read, go hiking or to play video or board games. What about you?
  6. Elgee found a post from me from January 2017, so I think I joined in 2006 maybe!? I don't remember XD And yes, I decided to start from scratch, I'm quite sure a lot of things have changed and I wanted to exlore the different groups. I have been of the Red Ajah, when I left, but I don't want to be biassed.
  7. Boredom at work ^^ That's the sad truth. I was browsing through the net looking for things to do and then remembered DM :-D
  8. Hello Browns, my name is Tamcha and I'm new to the Tower (or rather, I'm a returnee, but I have been here so long ago, that it feels like I am new). Anyway, I love books of course, but unfortunately I don't have the time anymore to read as much as I used to. But a few pages before sleeping are a must :-)
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