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  1. A lot of people are doing martial arts (especially the ones without weapons) to be able to defend themselves. At least courses for Taekwondo and such are often advertised in this way. I would prefer to learn it though, to be able to fight agains someone with a fighting style without really hurting each other. What I would like to get out of it? A good workout^^
  2. We haven't started. Any pointers? For archery? Well, I started by booking a training for beginners, where they explain the basics of archery and also the most common typed of bows you could chose from. For learning I started with a recurve bow, because it's available with less strenghts than a longbow for example (that's the kind of bow I'm shooting with now) and you have more time to practice your stand and aiming if you don't need all of your strengths to hold the bow fully drawn for such a long time. Basically it's all a matter of personal preference, which bow you'd chose in the end. I know, this is probably not very helpful, but the best advice I can give is: try to find a good teacher and also try different bow types if you have the opportunity.
  3. I would love to go to a Taekwondo training, but my job doesn't really allow me to go to a regular training due to business trips. I'm lucky with archery training though. I can go there 4 days per week :-)
  4. The first round was just for warming up. You cannot spent all your spamergy during the first game ;)
  5. I will update this thread after each competition has ended. SPAM-A-THON Black Tower: 24 Points White Tower: 10 Points Tower Competition Black Tower: 41 Points White Tower: 73 Points Quiz Black Tower: 2 Points White Tower: 1 Point Total Black Tower: 67 Points White Tower: 84 Points
  6. I decided for the White Tower too. Although it looks like I have to check out that Black Tower *nods*
  7. Welcome! I was also struggeling to keep on reading in the middle of the series, but in the end it was worth to read through all the books (seriously, they do get a lot better again). I'm also doing a re-read right now and am a little bit worried if I could keep it going once I reach book 8 or 9 ^^
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