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  1. There is a premade version in Ta'veren Tees website for $40 with a leather cup to roll them in. They have images that you can find on that site. I have blank dice that I want to put images on like stamp style or something, but I need a clear image of them to have my own template to make em for a DnD game I'm running.
  2. I was more concerned with how they rank. Like the Cairhienin use stripes to mark what rank of nobility. How does Andor do it? And Tear with the High Lord's? Is it sigils? Wealth? How would an outlander figure out who you were based off of your looks?
  3. Is there a list of how each country in WoT ranks them like stripes, or house ranking as major vs minor houses?
  4. I seem to be unable to find the bloody chatroom.. Anyone know if some bloody minded Aes Sedai took it away somewhere??
  5. Hey all!! I'm needing some assistance with a wedding ring. I'm getting married July 14th, and I had my plans for the rings fall through. So I want to make a 110% unique ring for her that is WoT themed. I wanna write on the inside "Shade of my Heart". I just want cool designs that would look good on a ring with sapphires. Thanks for the help!
  6. I know and love this community of fellow WoT readers and fans. However, I am looking for other communities as well and Google just isn't cutting it. I am an avid Lord of the Rings fan (just finished my 20 hour marathon not too long ago) and I want to find a Lord of the Rings community that I can get along with and chat. I am also trying to find some drawings (detailed drawings) for a ring I am going to have custom made based off of one of the Rings of Power. Any recommendations?
  7. So darkhounds are super overpowered in WoT roleplaying game..

  8. Will somebody fix the forum posting??

  9. Depending on what kind of writing lol. I'm better at writing just fantasy novel style, but I got plenty of ideas for a RPG. Just haven't figured out how to convert it yet lol.
  10. Just went 24-16 on LoL with Warwick with a crappy team.. oh yeah xD

  11. well i got one to work.. not my first choice but it'll do lol
  12. I can't seem to find a picture that will fit the size parameters lol Any Talmanes or Naleseans here? lol I need minions xP
  13. Greetings my fellow WoT fans!! I'm new here but by no means new to WoT! I'm looking forward to discussing everythingwith you!!
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