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  1. Nobility Ranking By Country

    Hey! It's my Talmanes!
  2. Nobility Ranking By Country

    I was more concerned with how they rank. Like the Cairhienin use stripes to mark what rank of nobility. How does Andor do it? And Tear with the High Lord's? Is it sigils? Wealth? How would an outlander figure out who you were based off of your looks?
  3. Is there a list of how each country in WoT ranks them like stripes, or house ranking as major vs minor houses?
  4. WoT D&D

    It's mostly the stat conversion between 3e and 5e so I don't make them underpowered or overpowered lol. But pretty much all the animals of the WoT world need them and a couple are in it.
  5. WoT D&D

    5e is a bit more simpler and just minor differences. The stats are only for a limited group of baddies and stuff. Most of the books 8-14 in the series we're not even out yet so a lot of Seanchan stuff wasn't included. I made the storyline be rewarding for staying close to it, but also flexible enough to let them kind of go anywhere.
  6. WoT D&D

    I have the original dm book, but it is for 3e and I am adapting to 5e.
  7. WoT D&D

    Hey Guys, I'm building a campaign for some friends of mine and I have the story and such in motion. I have a 5th edition conversion book and maps and such, but i was wondering if there is any other material I am missing that would help out? Stats with equivalent characters (Darkfriends/Trollocs/Halfman/Animals/etc.), names and places that could be used that may be a bit more obscure, or anything that would help as I am new to DM'ing but not WoT. I'd appreciate any and all help! Keep Dancing With Jack O' The Shadows! -Mat
  8. Rand's Resurrection

    The Pattern is reality. The One Power and True Power are magical aspects of reality. They come from the Pattern. He begins to wield the Pattern. He wields reality itself (which could get way out of hand, honestly) not just an aspect of it. Not even the Dark One could do that. He could affect it much like a Ta'veren, but not alter reality completely on a whim. What conduit is he using to wield the Pattern? Thought. No other power or magic is needed. The Pattern is the ultimate power, outside of the Creator. You cannot wield the Creator. The next thing is the Pattern. To wield the Pattern is to be as the Creator. There is not hint of any impossibility with the Pattern being at his disposal. Sadly it wasn't further elaborated on what was. I wish the series continued, and it still could with enough story to bring in other villains and to continue with the characters or add new ones. When I say he assimilates the Pattern, it is because he grabbed the fabric of reality and channels it. This implies a one time use. To have the ability afterwords is to imply that he merges with the Pattern.
  9. Rand's Resurrection

    I understand that. But taking advantage of something in the moment doesn't mean he becomes the Creator himself. It seems as if the pattern manifests itself inside of Rand. Perrin wonders if they are no longer Ta'averen, but there is no evidence that they stopped. It is just assumed because Rand is no longer one. But if he assimilates the Pattern into him, then he can't be Ta'averen because he is the pattern. So Mat and Perrin could still be Ta'averen. Even Mat makes the comment about dicing. But his luck came from the Pattern, so if he lost his position, then he lost his Luck.
  10. Rand's Resurrection

    Is that because of the blend of both sides of the One Power and the True Power? Or did he absorb the Pattern in some fashion?
  11. Rand's Resurrection

    At the end of Memory of Light, Rand cannot channel Saidin or the True Power, but he Thinks and it is. What does that mean?
  12. I have the WoT 3.5e DnD DM guide, but I want to see if it can be transferred into 5e to make it a bit more familiar to new players. Does anyone know of, or have, a conversion pattern? If not just an already converted version?
  13. I have the WoT 3.5e DnD DM guide, but I want to see if it can be transferred into 5e to make it a bit more familiar to new players. Does anyone know of, or have, a conversion pattern? If not just an already converted version?
  14. What's up with Chat????

    This is sad and disappointing.. I know it wasn't always populated but it was nice to chat with someone during a slow day and hang out. Are you looking into alternatives like Discord? Most sites have a discord for the members to connect. I have several myself, and it works on mobile too.
  15. Chatroom

    I seem to be unable to find the bloody chatroom.. Anyone know if some bloody minded Aes Sedai took it away somewhere??