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  1. Lan da Man!! From the moment he took Rand under his wing and prepared for his 1st meeting with Suian as Amrilyn. To letting his guard down and letting Nyn into his heart. And oh yeah he the WoT's best swordsman. Lan all the way, rather tick off the Dark One then go head to head with the Lanster!!!
  2. OOC" Fighting the urge to plunge the vicious spike on the pommel of his flamberge into Dreyik's face...YES!!! AWESOME!!! Spitting the blood out from his mouth Dreyik started circling Mehrin...Light Illuminate me he was good and not fighting at his fullest. Dreyik knew that he was not going to get the better of this tilt but that wouldn't stop him from trying. As in all fights you had to use your strengths to your advantage and not play against your opponents. Mehrin had the strength, skill and experience advantages without doubt. Dreyik knew he had to use his speed and agility and go against the fact that Mehrin was always at least 2 steps ahead of him. Dreyik fainted left with a low strike which Mehrin easily blocked, then reversing his grip on the staff Dreyik pivoted around and brought his blade up trying to knock Mehrin's blade up and following through with a kick to his mid section. Mehrin had anticipated his move and arched his blade and moved to the side and hit Dreyik's ribs with the flat of his weapon as his kick glanced harmlessly off the side of him. As Dreyik winced he rolled back and nipped up to his feet. He then launched into an all out attack no matter what he did. Arching, sweeping straight or feint Mehrin had the answer. Dreyik had taken some solid hits and knew he'd be sore tomorrow but still that didn't deter him. Mehrin was explaining the fight to the boy and still fending Dreyik off. He didn't even appear to be sweating though the sweat was starting to pore down Dreyik though he wasn't tired. He had been on the battlefield before and had trained with some very good fighters but none at Mehrin's level. Dreyik knew he could learn things and as they engaged he made sure that he wasn't making the same mistakes. Trying to shore up openings Mehrin had hit before or not to try things that weren't working a second time. Their weapons clashed...the only other sound was Mehrin talking to the boy. The rest of the group were just watching. Dreyik tried to attack at a relentless pace mixing up attacks, trying feints even using some jumps and spins but Mehrin's weapon and he were one. Dreyik launched into another attack lunging forward then at the last second planting his blade between Mehrins feet for a trip and rolling foward to use it as a trip though the move did knock Mehrin slightly off balance the flat of Mehrin's weapon hit him squarely on the back knocking him to the ground. After a quick moment Dreyik got up as Mehrin stepped back and again took his stance. "Perhaps I should be listening as to you along with Rodan Master Mehrin." Dreyik said smiling "nothing short of you having a heart attack is going to work for me." Dreyik smiled and grabbed some more dirt the ground and rubbed his hands together. He planted his feet and waited. "Are you ready for your beating to continue Master Mehrin?" Dreyik said playfully. But that grin on Mehrin's face removed the humor from Dreyik's words....that and the fact Dreyik and landed one hit while his own body bore many...
  3. Dreyik set the lute down and met the man's stare. Mehrin's eyes burned with intensity. Carefully setting the lute back in its case Dreyik stood up and removed his shirt. "Your one standing order for this duel: kill me." Well Dreyik thought there's no chance of that happening but hopefully he won't be disappointed. Stabbing the Bladed Quarterstaff in the ground Dreyik reached down and grabbed some dirt and rubbed it in his hands. They were sweating...not with fear but intispation. Mehrin's weapon was imposing and a like size to Dreyik's own. The grin and Mehrin's face was a little unsettling but Dreyik matched with own of his own though his were never meant for the same purpose. Dreyik spared a galnce over to Rodan and he was itching with excitemnt and exhaustion. he was going to get to see Mehrin in action for the first time... Mehrin hadn't moved and stood ready. Dreyik stood up and pulled his weapon from the ground. Dreyik asumed his stance and nodded to Mehrin that he was ready. And in the blink of an eye launched into his attack, faking a verticl strike Dreyik then reveresed and tried a sweep to knock Mehrin over but his flamberge was there to meet the strike and Mehrin extended a kick into Dreyik's gut knocking him backwards. Dreyik allowed the momenteum to take him over and turned it into a roll and sprang back to his feet. And began a straightfoward series of attacks. It felt good to engage in sparring with someone except that Dreyik had never fought against anybody this good. The 2 weapons smashed together as both men began to work into a rythem. Though Dreyik was no longer on the offensive but the defensive. It was taking everything to try to keep Mehrin's weapon from hitting him. It seemed like hours but in reality and only been a few minutes and Dreyik knew that Mehrin was holding back, gauging him...seeing his worth. Dreyik knew he had to try something as Mehrin's strike knocked Dreyik's weapon up and sweeping around caught him in the back knocking the wind out of him. Again Dreyik allowed the momentum to carry and he rolled and instead this time he butted his Quartstaff into the ground and pushed off of it using his body as a weapon and landed a kick off of Mehrin's face that probably would have knocked a normal man half sensleless. But Mehrin's smile just widened and Dreyik knew things were about to go very badly for him...
  4. If your looking for training or an RP I have a FB that can give you a hand. If your interested let me know.
  5. Dreyik couldn't help but laugh though not where the boy could hear it. That boy had two left feet...and maybe two left hands as well. He had the balance of a Trollic on a high rope. From the look of things Mehrin was obviously gauging what the boy had learned so far, which by the looks of things was nothing at all. But the kid had determination and a good teacher. The first thing the kid would need to do though was learn how to balance. "Set your feet before your strike." Dreyik mentioned quietly as he walked by the boy. And sat by the fire. He sat down and began to sharpen the blades on the ends of his quarterstaff. Watching intently both the boy and Mehrin. That man knew what he was doing even though Dreyik could tell the other guards just thought he was tormenting the boy. "Perhaps if we have the time Master Mehrin you could show me a move or two. I've always admired swordsmanship though I haven't quite be able to pick it up myself." Dreyik said casually. "I'd hate to not be sharp if we are attacked along the road to Kandor." Dreyik could see the boys light up briefly though exhaustion was taking its toll. Dreyik just shook his head as he could tell that the excitement was to see Master Mehrin in action but then again so was Dreyik. Dreyik remembered something that his father had told him. "Always learn from better fighters if you yourself want to become better." Dreyik had always believed that his father was one of if not the best he had every seen....Dreyik thought Mehrin may put that assumption to the test. Dreyik hauled out his lute and began playing quietly. The lute always relaxed him as his father used to play for him for timing while he was training. But Dreyik always played his mother's favorite song. It reminded it of her and of better days...Hopefully Dreyik thought there will be better days ahead.
  6. Dreyik couldn't help but laugh as the boy flew into the trough. Though normally jovial it had been the first time Dreyik had laughed in a while. It had been a long road from Murandy...from his parents death. From Murandy he traveled to Camelyn where he had served in Mercenary group but their disregard for law and human life meant a bad parting of ways. From there he had joined on as a merchant's guard for his current employer joining along to bring payment back from a shipment that they had brought to Camelyn. It had been a good trek without incident. Now they were heading to Kandor with the merchant's son and this Mehrin. Anyone who knew anything about fighting could tell the man was dangerous but something told Dreyik that the man seemed broken or torn about something. And that this boy was going to try his patience which in itself would be worth the journey. Dreyik walked over to the boy and helped him reassemble himself. "Well Rodan you should be very impressed with yourself. You just proved to be the first boy who could fly." He said ruffling the boy's hair. "Don't worry," Dreyik said looking back to the Merchant smiling. "your boy is in great hands. Mehrin just thought he was thirsty." "Master Mehrin," Dreyik said walking over to the man arms draped up over his head resting along his bladed quarterstaff before setting into the ground beside him and extending his hand to the man. "My name is Dreyik Zantos, pleasure to meet you. And please my landing in the through would be much less graceful then young Master Rodan's." Dreyik flashed his most sincere smile at the man. Hoping to defuse any tension that there might be. "Do you have a plan for the route we will take to Kandor my friend?" Dreyik has waiting to gauge the man's reaction.
  7. Obey Wait and Serve...bloody stupid if you asked Zander. These fool Seanchen thought that the oath would hold to all the people of these lands. Zander had said it when coming in, but an oath to people who invade your lands is the same as an oath from the Dark one. Spiiting Zander decided to move on. He arrived ahead of the main party as Zander was to scout the city for the Band's arrival. Zander had been watching in the shadows as the Band filtered in through the gates. Flamin new recruits, don't know thier sword from their own....Zander's thoughts were cut short as he noticed Mehrin come in. His old commmander who had left the Band was now back. This brought a smile to his face. Now I won't be stuck with having to care for the recruits. It was good to know they had sent one of if not the best fighters Zander had ever seen. Zander waited as Mehrin and the other banders headed off to the inn and followed. After waiting outside for about an hour Zander headed in and sat at a table in the corner by himself and ordered a pitcher of ale and gave the serving girl a smile and a gentle pat on the backside. Zander hadn't shaved in awhile..(a feat repeated fairly often when away from Camp.) So he wasn't sure if anyone from the band would recognize him except for the 2 short swords he carried on his back and his "charming" attitude may give him away. Zander studided everything and everyone in the bar. Trying to keep from others attention but the urge to talk to his old brother in arms was too much. But he didn't want to draw any attention that the Banders were gathering so he did the most logical thing he could think of. Finishing his pitcher Zander stood up and crossed the room right behind where Mehrin was sitting and bumped into his chair. As the big man turned around to face him Zander looked at him and said "Hey meathead...I don't like your face!! Watch where your going!!" which of course made no sense as Zander bumped into him but things like that mattered little to him. As Mehrin stood up Zander played the coy fool looking up at the man pretending to be afraid (though as Zander knew from "painful memories" from training he was a man Zander would not want to anger) Zander met his eyes for a brief moment before saying "next time I won't be so nice." And headed to the bar to speak to the innkeeper to get a room and another pitcher of ale. "Anyone bloody one wanna lose some coins." Zander said hauling out his dice slightly weighted but no one had yet noticed. Zander headed back to his table and waited for any takers. OOC: Just a little tune up it's been awhile...Glad to be back.
  8. Good...Bad....I'm The Guy with the GUN!!!

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