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The Lighter Side of the Taint: Something to Sing Door to Door This Season


It's beginning to look like Tarmon Gai'don

everywhere you go

All that is, was, and might have been, unraveling once again

With melting swords and rotting food to show


It's beginning to look like Tarmon Gai'don

Everyone's at war

But the scariest sight to see will be the Dark One running free

Out of Shayol Ghul


A good sword by your side or a safe place to hide

Is the wish of most of the world

Or a way to not fight and yet still serve the Light

As the Dragon Banner's unfurled

And the Nae'blis can hardly wait for chaos to start again


It's beginning to look like Tarmon Gai'don

The Dark wants you afraid;

Trolloc armies up in the Blight, all itching for a fight

And on each side the shadows hide a Fade


It's beginning to look like Tarmon Gai'don

Say your last goodbyes

Since the thing we have yet to know, thanks to R-A-F-O

will be just who dies






His name it was Lews Therin

He was an Aes Sedai

but then saidin was tainted

And the people all did cry


Oh Dragon Dragon Dragon,

You've destroyed the world today

Then you turned into a mountain

We are glad you've gone away


The world it did recover

Though many were left dead

But Foretellings started showing up

And this is what they said


Oh Dragon Dragon Dragon

You'll be reborn someday

You'll break the nations of the earth

and make the Dark One pay


His name it was al'Thor

And farming was his trade

but he caused a lot of trouble

making women pull their braid


Oh Dragon Dragon Dragon,

The Aes Sedai want you

They'll put you in a tiny box

and make you come unglued


He came into his powers

And then went a little mad

We hope he soon gets better

cause it's getting pretty bad


Oh Dragon Dragon Dragon,

Why must you go and brood

You better get over yourself

Or else we're really screwed

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I have been holding off the Christmas songs getting stuck in my head so far this season...not any more ... this was hilarious!!!!

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I like them as poetry, but I am musically challenged. anyone want to actually set these to music. (couldn't carry a tune with the choden kal powering my Air).

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