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  1. On Rand now weaving the pattern - how does this not put him on the same level as the Creator? Couldn't he just 'will' the pattern to do whatever on Randland he pleases, such as seal away the Dark One permanently somehow? It seems a bit odd.
  2. Thank you! I had checked the website but it is not unlike me to miss something like that posted. Thanks! :)
  3. In regards to these playing cards from Taveren Tees: https://taverentees.com/threads/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=7&products_id=85&zenid=6b6791fec0af55bce45f17511203b068 Is there a list of what cards are which characters? I want to make a framed image with all of the cards displayed with the character's names underneath each card, but I only recognize some of the characters on the cards (like Mat, Perrin, Rand, Nynaeve, Thom, and the other more notable ones). That leaves much of the deck unknown to me. If there is not a list, is there any chance some of the kind people here could help me comprise a partial list? Thanks!
  4. Does anyone else think it would have been cool if Bashere really was a Darkfriend rather than Compulsed? I kept thinking it would have been a nice little twist for the other generals to have been Compulsed and thus for Bashere to be disregarded as being a Darkfriend, but then have him do something shocking at the end. This was especially so knowing Faile was in charge of the Horn - part of the time I was wondering if she too much have been a Darkfriend. Oh well, it worked out well enough.
  5. Now that you mention this, I do remember reading this idea elsewhere and I can see how it works better. Thanks~
  6. Did anyone get the idea that Birgitte would be reborn as one of Elayne's children? I don't have the exact quote, but I recall Birgitte saying something to Elayne like, "I will be spun back into the pattern soon as a babe, with Gaidal only a year (?) older than I" Being that Elayne is noted to be far along in her pregnancy, and her bond with Birgitte, I think this would be cool. Of course, I'm not certain who the other child would be, given that they are twins...
  7. Just finished about two hours ago and I must say - wow. I didn't like the body swap, as that was one theory I was hoping wouldn't come true, but all in all it was pulled off a bit better than I expected. The book as a whole, however, was really amazing, I felt. Perhaps that was because I am so attached to it, or maybe it was the plot content, but I just really enjoyed it. I'm definitely going to miss this series.
  8. I am not certain if this is the correct thread for this, but if not I apologize in advance. There are a few questions I was left lingering with: 1) What did Rand do at the end to light his pipe? The first thing I thought of was that he was actually in Tel'aran'rhiod, but that doesn't make sense. Is it simply him controlling reality? That seems a bit odd. 2) What was the Chekhov's Gun? I read the book thoroughly but it has been some time since I have re-read the series, so I must have mentally skipped over this. Was it the TP Traveling? 3) Going along with the second question, I almost missed whatever Lucker's was refering to here, "There is a thing in aMoL that may look like a mistake to some, but is not to any. The answer is clearly stated in tDR, and you can work out both what the issue is and what the answer is from that and what you know." What was this?
  9. Nevermind my previous post, I see now that the signing is until 10 pm. However I have one other question: Can I buy tickets when I get there, or do I have to buy them in advance?
  10. How long do these signings typically last? I'd like to go to the one in Seattle, which I see starts at 7 pm, but classes might prevent me from getting there until a little later.
  11. As a huge fan of the original song, I must say seeing the WoT applied to it and made into its own lyrics is AMAZING. Nicely done.
  12. This is the funniest thing I've read on this site in some time. Nicely done!
  13. Is anyone currently working on a written version of the chapter two audio? I have attempted to listen to the audio but, personally, I have a hard time listening to audio because I prefer to read. I was just curious if this is in the makings. Then again, I suppose I could just listen to it and write it out myself, then read it. Still curious, though.
  14. This was brought up in another thread (here on the Spoiler Forum: http://www.dragonmou...rough-7th-ages/), and I was curious to see what other users had to say about the idea of the Wheel of Time not being a center point in the series, despite the series' title. Personally I feel as though it is a huge part of the series in addition to making it fairly unique for a fantasy series and giving it more depth. However, since some seem to see the cyclical part as pointless to the development of the series, I am curious what others think. Also I apologize in advance if this is 'stealing' another person's thread; I didn't see one like this posted and I was interested in hearing others' opinions. Thanks~ ~Lykouros
  15. I have the BWB, but it's not with me right now and for some reason I can't think of the answer to this question: How did AS originally learn or know weaves back when people first channeled? Also, I forget if there are consequences to making a completely random weave you don't know, or does the weave just collapse as if you did nothing? Say for example if an AS just randomly tried weaving fire into a knot or some such; would that be completely harmless or would that potentially result in something terrible? I remember it being stated that messing with Ter'angreal could have bad consequences if you didn't know what you were doing, but nothing about channeling specifically. Furthermore, do we know how people first discovered channeling? Everyone would have started out as Wilders, essentially, right? Doesn't this mean they would never really know they were touching the Source to begin with?
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