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Wheel of Time Television Show

Mashiara Sedai

Harriet McDougal teased us all at the tail end of JordanCon with an announcement about an upcoming announcement.

We know now, thanks to Team Jordan's Google+ Page, that the rights for a The Wheel of Time feature/television show have been resolved and they are currently in the works with a major studio. Here is the quote from Harriet:

Update: Wanted to share with you exciting news about The Wheel of Time. Legal issues have been resolved. The Wheel of Time will become a cutting edge TV series! I couldn’t be more pleased. Look for the official announcement coming soon from a major studio —Harriet 

That's all the information we have at the moment. We will update as soon as we learn more. Until then, let's all bask in the joy of knowing that our beloved series will still continue. It's not the beginning, but it's a beginning.

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And the series will be a trilogy... Ok it will be six books... Nah, nine. The next book will be out next year... Ok in two years... Well maybe three... It will be finished with one more volume. It will never be finished, and that's final. Ok, it will be finished, one really big book. Well we can't do that, so it will be three more books. Anything that isn't answered in the books will be answered in the companion...


See, I love Harriet, I loved RJ, but not everything could be taken as gospel. This series never worked that way. It grew out of all expected proportions, and deadlines meant... Not so much.


I would take as given only that a new studio has obtained the rights to produce a WoT TV adaptation.


That's it.


Many options are bought and never produced. Many promises are made in negotiations, and many things are heard that aren't exactly what was said.


So maybe, possibly, the studio that has the rights will go ahead with a production. And maybe that production will have enough money and talent thrown at it to be good. And maybe it will be televised and not stored away in some vault. And maybe it won't get canceled before the end of the first season.


I love the books. I don't care if they're made into any kind of other thing, and I think that like most adaptations of great books, the odds of it being a great show, or of there ever really being a show, are slim. And I don't mind that because what Robert Jordan had to give us, he gave. And whatever comes of this, eh, could be a bonus, could be another debacle.


I'll expect it like I expected the next book after the sixth or seventh. If it appears, it will be a happy day.

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@mrs. cindy gill,


"...and many things are heard that aren't exactly what was said."

you wrote the ultimate aes sedai motto.chapeau!

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Good points, Cindy.  Though, I think that since the legal hurdles have been removed, a major studio has the rights, and Harried said it will be a TV series, are all good news indeed.


But bringing it to life, involves many things.





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Please, please, please, please, PUHLEEEAASSSEEEEE! be true!!!!!   Make this happen!! Good Lord, I want to see this before I die!!!!



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I am very excited to hear this news. I am sure that TWOT miniseries will definitely be different like The Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit movies from MY own expectations though I believe TWOT miniseries will be great and I definitely look forward to watching it!


I enjoy TWOT series immensely. Wishing everybody a great 2016.

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