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Sword Practice


Rand. details may not be entirely accurate. drawn entirely on ipod touch with sketchbook pro

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Character sketches

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Another topless Rand, not that I'm complaining in the slightest :wink: . Broad shouldered, slender yet heavily built & hard muscled, reddISH hair (not reddish blond, fire engine red or flame red/orange) This is actually far more accurate then most pictures I've seen of him. Very nice indeed.

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You got skills, I'll give you that...Anatomy, perspective,hands, and face, all very good. The coloring and shadowing are good, too. And you say you did it on the iPod Touch? Ha, color me impressed. How are you with landscapes and more detailed articles of clothing? I would be interested to see similar images of Mat and Perrin, and maybe some examples of Ebou Dari, Domani, Aiel, Tinker, or Seafolk fashions. I don't want you to jump on this, because there is no money involved, just your time, but I'm trying to put something together. I don't want to go into great detail, because its all pie in the sky, and even if I were ready now, I'd still need a team of artists, because as good as I suspect you are, you are only one person. If you want to do this, please work at your leisure, there's no rush. Throw in a Fade and a Trolloc for me, drawing monsters is a bit different than drawing people. I like the fact that there is realism in your work, I want believability. Well, that's all for now, but I'll say it again, "Its really nice work, you should be proud".

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Thanks, Don. I'm flattered. However, I'd have to say landscapes and clothing are definitely not strengths of mine. If you browse my gallery you can see that i don't usually spend a lot of time on clothing. But yeah for the most part i take requests. no guarantees on the timeliness or quality though.

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Most of the picture is awesome... I just didn't see Rand as being quite that bulky... Muscular and very toned, but not bulky... YMMV tho. The only other point is the grip on the sword... you have him holding it like a baseball bat... Too stong of a grip. The thumbs should be pointed towards the point of the sword. With the thumb wrapped around the hilt you cannot change position of the sword quickly. A sword should be held like a bird... Just strong enough to keep it from getting away, but not so strongly that you crush it. A too strong grip can be more easily broken, is slower to move, and will make your forearms cramp after about 45 minutes such that someone will have to pry your hands off the hilt when you are done. FYI... Not many places to go see proper swordwork these days LOL. The tip of the sword should be like a humingbird: quick, responsive, and acurate.

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