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  1. You want to see Stockholm syndrome, look among the damane. Mat? I’m not buying it. He lacks the will for sure, but because he’s having lots of sex with a woman he’s attracted to, not because he’s affraid to hurt women. He bundles up Tuon after a bit of a brawl, right? And I’m sure she’s quicker than Tylin, no matter how many hands she seems to have. And later we see him turning Joline(?) over his knee and spanking her till his hand is sore. Anyway, my main point is if they include this plot line they can do it in a way that isn’t a #mattoo. I agree the optics aren’t great, but I interpret RJ’s intent as a prolific chaser of women getting some of his own medicine. If anything they’ll have to be more careful at how they portray Mat’s flirtations up to that point.
  2. If they leave the Mat / Tylin relationship in there it wouldn’t be too hard to make it less rapey. As it is, I feel like a lot of that can be explained by Mat as an unreliable narrator. For all his talk about supposedly not being able to stop her, it’s clear he has the quickness and fighting abilities that he would be able to fend her off with next to no effort. It’s also clear that despite complaining about it, he’s a more than willing participant*. I mean, one of the reason Mat is a favorite character is that he’s unable to admit things that are clear to the audience. Just unfortunately in this case it’s not so obvious to the reader. To me I just interpret it in a way that makes me OK with it, and that is that Mat is enjoying the experience immensely (besides the embarrassment of everyone knowing) and just tells himself (and us) otherwise. Portray it that way on screen and it becomes much less problematic. *I’m saying all this with the caveat that if this situation was gender reversed, it would absolutely be terrible and none of these arguments would apply.
  3. I don’t know why people keep saying that Thom + Moiraine was out of nowhere or tacked on at the end. At some point early on I realized that RJ was going to give just about every main character a love interest, and since Lan was obviously going to Nynaeve, who would Moiraine end up with? The clues were pretty obvious. No there weren’t sparks flying, but they’re both mature, calculating people. So if fits their personalities to fall in love with their minds rather than in a fit of passion. I would prefer that they don’t change anything there, but having Siuan as a lover doesn’t need to affect this.
  4. I alway hear Illian accent more like pirates (thanks to Domon and all his “do be”s and so forth).
  5. Yes, and to me her’s was the best falling in love journey of the three. After they hooked up their relationship was quite boring for a long time though. Min was the best relationship, but the leading up to it wasn’t as entertaining. Then there’s Elayne, who I don’t mind as a character but overall has the most boring story arc of any of the secondary characters, including her relationship with Rand. Her relationship with Aviendha is far more interesting. So yeah, I could see them turning that into a romantic thing.
  6. I’ll be surprised if the show addresses the ageless look beyond maybe a comment about not being able to put an age to someone. RJ was great in describing it in words, but it’s something else entirely trying to pull it off visually. It could get expensive (Marvel has done some excellent de-aging CGI, but I doubt it was cheap), or just look terrible, or both. Movie makeup and lighting are great at making people look good. They just need to have Aes Sedai look young for their age, and (more importantly) carry their year and maturity in their acting.
  7. In P&P she played sweet/demure and pulled it off, in GG she was a manipulative sociopath and was nominated for an Oscar for it. So I’m pretty sure she can manage a little mystery if that’s how she’s directed. Rafe mentioned that he was convinced after a conversation with her about the character that she was the one. If you don’t at least somewhat trust Rafe’s judgement on such things, there’s no way this show will be to your liking.
  8. YES! As I said when it was still just a rumour, I’m totally on board with Pike. Plus it just gives me more confidence in the adaptation when the first casting announced is an Oscar-nominated actor.
  9. If the Rosamund Pike news turns out to be true, and she accepts the role, and the role is indeed Moiraine, I totally support it. She wouldn’t have been my first choice, but she’s a talented actor and will no doubt do an excellent job. If you have a problem with this casting, I’m sorry but you’re not going to like the series. It could (and inevitably for some other casting choices WILL) be worse. If any of us want a chance of enjoying this adaptation, we’re going to have to shelf our vivid mental pictures.
  10. Here’s an idea: Cairhienan could be Asian — short, dark hair and eyes. Could work. I don’t know what her acting chops are like, but I could see Bingbing Li as Moiraine.
  11. mandersen


    Thanks both. I don't know which book specifically i was reading when i drew this, but it's early on.
  12. no Rhuarc and Berelain kind of adopted each other, Amys even went as far as to give her the daughters kiss or whatever I had the impression that Berelain tried her seducing skills on Rhuarc, but he (or someone else) nipped it in the bud pretty quickly and effectively. It never says it, but there's something in they're early dialog that seemed to hint at it. I don't have quotes.
  13. Partial does not count, and next total eclipse here is in 2126 :) It's going to be a total eclipse here. and some other places. so is the world safe for those who just get the partial? now i'm not so excited to see it.
  14. Great cover. and despite being a different artist, it really fits with the rest of the series. A LOT more hints than we're used to seeing in covers though. Not that i mind. usually even when i finish a book i don't understand the cover. Well, i guess past cover have SOME hints to the content. EotW - a bunch of people are going to leave with Moirain and Lan tGH - it's about the HoV. tDR - maybe a spoiler. did we know about Callendor before that book? tSR - they're going to the Aiel waste tFoH - um. nothing really. rand mat and aviendha will be attacked by trollocs at some point? in a city? LoC - at least one AS will be afraid of him? aCoS - shadar logoth? did anyone realize that's where he was before reading the book? tPoD - nothing besides that Rand will lead armies, but he'd done that already. (one of my favs though) WH - tricks us into thinking it's mostly about perrin. and that perrin has lost weight. and height. CoT - tricks us into thinking it's mostly about Mat. KoD - Tricks us into thinking maybe perrin has a little brother who's much shorter and hasn't spent time in the forge. tGS - well if you didn't know about Rand's hand, that was a bit of a spoiler. tricks you into thinking prostitution was introduced into randland ToM - Would've been a big reveal, if we didn't all already know the ToG chapters were finally going to happen. This one tells us quite a bit. some that people have guessed, some not.
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