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  1. Remember it was Mat who chose to use force to take the key from Tylin's bodice. At that moment he was the aggressor, and failed to remember the customs in Eboudar are much different than those in the Two Rivers. He also forgot the "Marriage Knife", which all married ladies in Eboudar carry.
  2. Remember Mat was affectionately called "Toy". Tylin's son was okay, even happy, that his mother had found someone to occupy her time. Tylin saved his ass, when meeting Fortuana for the first time. You have to understand there are differences in cultural mores. When Elayne saw the red flowers, she was ready to upbraid Mat, but laughed when she found out the truth. Even Nynaeve thought it would "suit him right", if Mat was treated by a woman the same way he treated them. Rape is too strong to describe what is going on between the Queen of Eboudar and Matrim Cauthon.
  3. Hi Everybody, I love the "Wheel of Time" series, I think it's every bit as good as Tolkien, maybe better. I've read every volume at least a dozen times, and I never get tired of it. I found some loose ends I would have liked to see wrapped up, but maybe I'm just unhappy to see it all end. Maybe someone will have mercy, and write an "Epilogue". Will the Tua'thon never find the song? How about Aviendha? The "Crystals" showed she had children by Rand, and what about Min? How many months between Rand and Min's tryst, and his fate at Shayol Gul? Tuan has to return to Seanchan, and secure her throne. The list goes on. One or two more volumes in the series would be great. Wrap it all up.
  4. THE RAVEN PRINCE The battle is over, and the world is slowly recovering. Ninaeve and Lan, are gathering the remnants of the Malkieri, and returning to rebuild Lan's homeland. Perrin and Fail travel to Saldea where Fail assumes the throne, and Perrin becomes a king. Loial returns to Steading Shangti to write his book, and enjoy married life. His talent as a "Tree Singer" improves. Rand, no longer the Dragon Reborn, goes by the name "Elan", and spends his time traveling. The Tuathan, the Traveling People, find the song, with some help from Elan. Cadsuane and The White Tower, rebuild, and forms an alliance with Logain, and the men of the Black Tower. Elaine awaits the birth of her children, as she consolidates her rule. Avienda and the Aiel recover from their injuries, and prepare to take up the charge the Dragon Reborn has left them. Avienda discovers she is with child. Matrim Caution, and Min, find themselves in the lands of the Seanchan where Mat discovers he's still "Taveren". He must help the empress stabilize her empire, and fight off Sharan invaders. Min has a secret, and it wont be long until time reveals it to all.
  5. I don't think a man can have sex with a woman repeatedly, without developing some feelings for her. If Mat werent enjoying himself on some level, intercourse would have been impossible, and Mat could have fought her off at any time, if he had really wanted to, so it wasn't rape.
  6. So I'm thinking about writing some "Fan fiction", I'd like to wrap up the loose ends, and give myself some closure (lol). I'd like to see both Avienda and Min, with child. I'd like to see Loyal go back to Shedding Shangtai, as a hero. I'd like to see Perrin and Zarine go to Saldea and assume the throne. I'd like to see Lan and Ninaeve begin rebuilding Malkire, and maybe a baby in their future. I'd like to see Rand enjoy life, and have a few adventures. I'd like him to find the "Traveling People" and teach them the "Song", since he has all the old memories now. I want to take Mat and Tuon, to her homeland and restore order there, and maybe have a large battle with those people with the tattoos. I'd like to see Perrin find a litter of wolf pups, and have one of them be the reincarnation of "Hopper". The Creator owes these boys some peace, love, and happiness. I'd like to make it happen. Just thinking out loud.
  7. I have read "The Wheel of Time" series, again and again, sometimes reading each entry, as many as 6 times. I know the story and the story line, backwards and forwards. I consider myself a HUGE fan. That being said, I find myself disappointed and let down by the final installment in the series. There was much left out and many loose ends left untied. These are just a few of the discrepancies I found, which left me dissatisfied. After Moraine was rescued, there is no mention of her bonding Thom, or marrying him, and no real reunion between the major characters. After Mat loses his eye, why doesn't he return to see Elayne, Brigitte, Perrin, and Rand, before heading off to see Tuon. It would have made more sense. There should also have been a brief period, where Tuon and Mat could have enjoyed some time together, before the final battle against the Dark One. Rand should have had some time to spend with both Elaine, Min, and Aviendha. Egwene should have had time to consolidate her rule over the White Tower and whatever happened to the second planned raid by the Seanchan. Gawyn was built up as a swordsman, better than any other. He had beaten the warder, Sleete, and another warder, at the same time. Sleete had beaten Al' Lan Mandragoran a few times, when sparring, and yet when facing Demandred, wearing three rings of power, that blurred his image and enhanced his speed and strength, he was easily defeated and killed, while Galad, who was also great with a sword, but not as good as Gawyn, without the rings, was able to hold his own for a while. I will grant that Al' Lan Mandragoran is the best of the three, but this aspect of the story left me dissatisfied. Egwene never invited her parents to the White Tower to witness her marriage to Gawyn, which also never happened. The Traveling People never found the song, Loial never addressed the Great Stump, and the situation at the Black Tower was anti-climactic, after being built up in the previous installments. The overall affect was that many parts of the story didn't get the treatment that they deserved, leaving gaps, and disappointment. There should have been two books. One to tie the many loose ends together and one to fight the final battle. As I said, I am a HUGE fan, and have read all of "The Wheel of Time", over and over, again. I have read , "The Memory of Light", three times since buying it, after waiting with great eagerness and anticipation, for its release. I was saddened to see that the final book was a let down.
  8. You got skills, I'll give you that...Anatomy, perspective,hands, and face, all very good. The coloring and shadowing are good, too. And you say you did it on the iPod Touch? Ha, color me impressed. How are you with landscapes and more detailed articles of clothing? I would be interested to see similar images of Mat and Perrin, and maybe some examples of Ebou Dari, Domani, Aiel, Tinker, or Seafolk fashions. I don't want you to jump on this, because there is no money involved, just your time, but I'm trying to put something together. I don't want to go into great detail, because its all pie in the sky, and even if I were ready now, I'd still need a team of artists, because as good as I suspect you are, you are only one person. If you want to do this, please work at your leisure, there's no rush. Throw in a Fade and a Trolloc for me, drawing monsters is a bit different than drawing people. I like the fact that there is realism in your work, I want believability. Well, that's all for now, but I'll say it again, "Its really nice work, you should be proud".
  9. Hi, I've been reading the "Wheel of Time", since it came out...I love it. I have read and reread ALL of the series, again and again...I have it practically memorized. I believe it is every bit as good as, "The Lord of the Ring" series by J.R.R. Tolkien. I mourn the loss of Robert Jordan and wish his family every sympathy. I have heard there is a motion picture out there of "The Wheel of Time", but since I haven't seen it, I can't make comment, viewing this film is next on my list. I had an earlier account with Dragonmount, but forgot my information, so created a new one. I am a college student, who writes science fiction and horror in my spare time...I would love to produce movies...That would be my dream job. I really look forward to the next book, although it makes me sad that the story will soon come to an end. Its great to know how many fans Robert Jordan and "The Wheel of Time" have.
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