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  1. Posted 15 January 2013 - 03:14 PM Craig Jarvis, on 15 Jan 2013 - 15:03, said: The Sharans have been part of the series since book 1, they have been mentioned in every book since, there were Seanchan spies in Tear at an Inn and they reacted startlingly when they overheard another trader saying Silk comes from worms (this was a Jordan book KoD If I remember, not Sanderson). According to Ideal Seek neither Shara or Sharans is referenced in tEotW. Nor are they mentioned in every book after. Although there could be non named references I would like to see why you believe the above? Regardless
  2. No way. The only thing left from LTT is his soul and his memories. There is no DNA left to pass on genetic traits. Yup you are right... they were fathered after TLB... using Moridin's body. hehe i didn't think that through.
  3. The soultrap would still work as usual, and Shadowspawn would still live... remember they only dropped dead when the DO was "KILLED" in one of the alternate reality. The DO still exists, but can no longer directly attack the pattern. 2 of Avi's children had black hair due to LTT. He had black hair. Rand was fully integrated at the point he concieved the quads. 2 are Rand's and 2 are LTTs.
  4. All right a couple of things people have been tossing stuff out there... Avienda knows of the True Power because of the way back machine, and her being a channeler would clearly understand what was being talked about. I don't believe releasing the bond requires channeling. Also Alanna's mind was scrambled ala Jain Farstrider's mind after Ishydin messed with him. Perrin would have tried to save his wife were it not for slayer. He would not have had to go back and get Gaul and get pulled one more time to check on Rand in T'A'R. And yes he would not have been strong enough in T'A'R
  5. nice... I will have to go through your system+ my list of angreal (with power boost descriptions) and see how it jives... boy but I really wanted a visual representation... Perhaps just skill and 5-power affinity are all that matters in endurance. a gymnist would get worn out hauling 200 bls weights, and I guess a championship lifter would have endurance problems doing a triple sow-cow (both of which you should not call a woman if within arm's reach)... so I can see that may be all there is. Alot of this comes from trying to visualize the special effects that would be needed to do
  6. That's is a well thought out system. The one thing I am trying to do tho is establish a relationship between the seeming J-curve in power levels, while also establishing a relationship to the channeling endurance. Logain is "nearly" as strong as Rand, according to the text, but in actual practice is not capable of producing deathgates "nearly" as large as Rand... rather, they are "quite a bit smaller". among other things... for just one or two notches lower than rand to yield than much of a difference there has to be an exponential difference (e.g. x^3-X^2). What you are doing is a compoun
  7. Don't forget Rand's Grandmother (Janduin's Mother) Nakomi. She went to Ruidean the second time and did not return and was "Forgotten". Only to show up when Avi was going the second time. I think she learned something when she went through the rings the first time and "remembered" it when she went the second time, and that was to "not return to Mount Chandier". That's my theory. They tell Avi when they send her the second time, to go to Ruidean the second time and they do not know her until she returns as a sister wise one.
  8. @Mhaliah Take the example of 3 PL3 females and a PL4 female in a circle with this formula and try to make them powerful enough to use a gateway (between PL7 and PL8). write out that formula and solve then take what you use for the F variable and try to use it in a different example from the books and see what you get. Let us know... because until we get a working formula for this conundrum we are kinda stuck.
  9. Are you talking about Radians and radial math? After re-reading with a specific look towards just what sort of metric was mentioned in the loss (percieved or otherwise). It just doesn't say. But it does seem that it could not be a percentage. Example: Someone with a power of 100 (these are just fictional numebrs not dealing with my charts you see) and someone with a power of 50. Both get 60% of their power. the total result would be 90. They would be Less powerful in a link. So it has to be a fixed amount of loss, Else something hinky like, the person who established the link gets
  10. Yes, but how to logically implement the loss, in a manner that works in every instance. Literary freedom with the "rules" may cause some of the formulas to break, but I hope not. I am happy with the solo channeler and angreal sa'angreal formulas.. the Channeling time/endurance formula may need an adjustment to the constant, but it is very close... not enough examples to show exactly how long a channeler of a certain power can go full-bore, whole-hog, and balls-out channeling before exhaustion hits. This chart is more of a reasonable amount of channeling (such a during a battle, the cahnneli
  11. You know it wasn't real clear if on Moiraine's new angreal if the hands and feet were shackled. Lanfear's the hands and feet were shackled as in forced contortion. Perhaps Moiraine's the hands and feet are not shackled and therefore willing contortion. That would also put a positive spin on the angreal.
  12. It is a shame that he didn't make the description different then... such as children in a circle holding each others' feet. But that doesn't change my math or the formula. It works out well.. The constants may need to be adjusted, and the linking math and logic is still very fuzzy mainly due to a lack of good info and solid examples with descriptions of the power level. BFG and I are still working out the Linking... I think BFG has me convinced that there is something lost or not fully ulilized when a circle is involved, and it is due to the "safety" built into a circle to prevent damaging
  13. @Luckers Well, I wasn't there and you were so I will have to take your word on it. It is just reading this transcript there seems to be a lot of distraction/confusion. BS's comments seem to contain alot of leaping to answer your question before you finish asking it. As I was reading it it sounds to me that regardless of the question you were currently asking he was answering your original question combined with your latest question of what happened to Moiraine's original angreal and is it the same as the one Lanfear had? To which he stated no Moiraine's original Angreal is not the on
  14. False dragon or male channeler, caught/killed. or one of the many missing Aiel wagons from just after the breaking. The stone was constructed before the White Tower, I believe.
  15. Ahh, you are right. But Siuan did say they wanted it back., perhaps she sent it with Min when she went to the tower... as it was not mentioned afterwards.
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