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Life on Mars


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Does anyone else watch this...I love it.


For those who haven't..it's about a cop who's in a car accident and ends up in a comma. Whilst there he's 'head' goes back and is a cop in the early 1970's. The style of Policing (the Sweeney style), the clothes, the music is all different.


He has a purpose thought we don't know what and he has to fill it before he can go back to his own time.


It is witting, amusing and quite horrifying as you see the police tactics of the day.

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Guest Emperor

Actually you are right...


Except American Idol, Trading Spaces, The Office (both are good I think)... etc.


I was kidding about british TV as I wish I had more than one channel of it as I think it is fine programming.

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How I hate not having a TV and being a student. Ah well, just part of the cut backs in our house.


But yeah, the BBC does make some good series, like those listed above. Throw in My Family as well, as that is great! Though the jury is still out on a few programmes, like the current Robin Hood.


Going back to Life on Mars - I saw the first show of the second series and thought it was really good. I was then wondering why I missed the first series!

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Guest Emperor

Some news for a States debut...


David E. Kelley has recruited "The West Wing" and "Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip" helmer Thomas Schlamme to direct the pilot for his ABC drama "Life on Mars," reports Variety.


Schlamme will also executive produce the pilot episode, which is in pre-production and slated to film sometime this summer. Kelley, Stephen Garrett and Jane Featherstone are also executive producing.


Schlamme directed the pilot for Kelley's Fox drama "Boston Public," as well as episodes of "Ally McBeal" and "The Practice."


"Life" is based on the BBC series of the same name. The original series revolved around a detective who ends up back in the 1970s, working on a case that may impact the future.


Casting is under way. Rachelle LeFevre ("What About Brian") has already been set.

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Hmmm...gonna have to check this one out.


Yeah, my wife and I are huge fans of British TV, too. While I tend to get into the dramas and sci-fi stuff, she prefers period pieces and obscure comedies, though, like "Upstairs, Downstairs" and "'Allo, 'Allo" (although "Allo, Allo" was pretty damn funny sometimes). We both, however, absolutely love "Little Britain".


Isn't it wonderful being a lady? I am one!

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Life on Mars is a great show. I love Gene he rocks my world. Not sure how the referencing is going to play across the waters as some of it is very Brit orientated. it would help if you have ever seen stuff like The Sweeney which was a hard-core cop drama from the 70's. Like Kojak with less lollipops and more kickings.

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