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Approved Wolfkin Bio for Tannyr - CC'd by a Child


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Character Name: Tannyr


DM Handle: Thehumantrashcan


Age: 20


Gender: Male


Place of Birth/Raising: In his parents' wagon among the Tuatha'an (accepted on the basis that The Way of the Leaf does not and cannot apply to Wolfkin ~Tay~)



Tannyr is 5'10 and lanky; a bit like a bean pole, weighing in at 160 lbs. He's got a head of hair much like straw, sandy in color and he's fairly tanned all over from living out in the sun. He just recently got golden eyes.




Character History



Tannyr has had a rough life, growing up watching his Uncle's wagons being raided and abused from his earliest memories.  He has watched his friends and cousins die and be abused in every way possible.  However, he is a strong believer in The Way of the Leaf and has clung strongly to the songs and dancing that his people love.  To cope with much of the hurts he, his family and friends have faced, he took up learning every song and dance he could.  He hopes that through song and dance he can bring the joy he longs for to everyone around him.  He even harbors a hope that they will one day find a song that will make the Tinkers accepted, whether that be The Song or another.  He loves to make people dance with his singing, flute and lyre and, for those who don't follow the Way of the Leaf, at least hopes to keep them from hurting themselves.




Lately, a new problem has come into his life. The dreams.  These dreams keep calling to him, even when he's awake, and it's begun to terrify him.  In his dreams he is violent and hunting... and on four legs.  At first he was afraid to tell anyone about them but when even his parents began looking at him as though he was a stranger, he was ashamed. Less people came to his fires to hear his music and eventually he went to his uncle for advice.  His uncle then told him that his eyes had turned yellow.  He could not believe it. Sure, he had begun to see better but why had his eyes changed color?




A week later their wagons were attacked. He tried to warn the wagons as he could smell sweaty men in the air and see movements in the forest they had been traveling to. But it was hard for anyone to look him in the eye, let alone listen to him.  To make matters worse, their leader, his uncle, was killed as he tried to convince the bandits to not bother them.




Tannyr's father did his best to lead after that and actually had Tannyr use his new, keen senses to help them be more wary of bandits.  This gradually led to more people coming back to his fires to dance and listen to his music.  A woman he cared for, Elli, had even begun to show interest in him again.  But the dreams were still there and, even worse, there were wolves in his dream, seeming to laugh at him as he tried to stay away from hunting.




Finally the breaking point came as they entered the south west part of Andor.  Another group of bandits attacked at night.  Tannyr had just enough time to get out of bed and see them attacking.  Out of the corner of his eye he saw one man grab Elli and attempt to drag her into the woods.  Then everything went red.  He could no longer hold back the animal inside or those violent urges and the desire to fight. He rushed at the man and began tearing at him with is fingers and teeth.  The bandit was so surprised and shocked he hardly put up a fight and before Tannyr knew it he was standing over a dead man.  In the next moment, everything went black with a hit on the back of his head. 


When he awoke, he found himself alone, his head bandaged, with his pack, some provisions, his lyre and flute, and a note of sorrow and farewell. 


He was no longer welcome among his own people. He had broken faith with The Way of the Leaf.

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