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Some questions for those who have seen RJ's notes

Guest Pink Ajah

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Guest Pink Ajah

Hi everyone ^^


So I've been reading the series for the past four months and I'm at the eleventh book atm and I have some questions that can be only answered by RJ (but unfortunately that is impossible for him) or someone who saw the notes he left behind.


I guess I could have asked these questions to Brandon  but I don't know how to and even so there is no guarantee that he will answer me. I know there are some fans who saw RJ's notes (like Terez?), there are threads about it in this forum and theoryland and tumblr. I wanted to ask this on here because people look friendly and it is less formal than speaking to BS.


So my questions are;


1- Is there anything on the notes that says anything about Tuon's potential channeling strength? We know she is a sul'dam so she is a learner. Maybe RJ didn't leave a note about her 'cuz she doesn't wanna channel? But I sure saw somewhere BS saying her power level is stated but maybe he misremembered.... So yeah my question is "What is Tuon's power level".


2-My second question is, is there anything on the notes that explains the lost Talents of "Milking Tears" and "Spinning Earthfire". It's invading my mind really bad and it would be nice to have a "yes, they mean this" or "no, no notes on that" so I can either cherish the new info or kick it out of my brain cuz there is no answer. 


And as you can see I'm a newbie and I thought this is the appropriate sub-forum to send this, I might be wrong tho so feel free to move it if necessary  :rolleyes:


Sorry long post  :blush:

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Many of the notes have been published in the Wheel of Time Companion




Over at Tor they published some  things about Aes Sedai channeling strength, but I don't know if it included non-aes sedan or not.

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