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  1. I fully expected that storyline to be dropped. I don't see that as a major story line. It doesn't really add much to the story, and requires time to develop three believable relationships in which three women agree to "share" Rand. I didn't think it was believable in the books and I think it will be even less believable in the adaption. This story is so vast that major story lines will be needed to be cut, changed, and/or merged with other story lines. It's just what is going to happen. It has to because you can't have people standing around having "info dump" conversations on how
  2. The Mistborn series was also a story that started with the dark forces prevailing. How does this book compare with Brandon Sanderson's? You've piqued my curiosity. Have you read any of Kade's other works?
  3. They can keep pretty much the entire relationships intact with minimal changes. Egwene and Rand become more like a brother/sister relationship, while Elayne and Aviendha could be close friendships. The pregnancies could either be written out or explained as one night stands. Perhaps Rand takes on more of Mats personality and is more of a promiscuous ladies man.
  4. I don't understand all the hand wringing. Moiraine and Lan are by far the most mysterious people we are introduced to. We don't know who the Aes Sedai are or what the One Power is. Each character is introduced to the Power in their own time, and Rands is pretty subtle. I don't see why anyone would be annoyed by Moiraine taking center stage to begin with. After all she is the person who introduced each and one of us the the secret world of the Aes Sedai.
  5. I'm Still holding out hope of a heavily edited version of the series that fixes the pacing problems. Not a popular suggestion, but still holding out hope.
  6. OK, so I didn't read all the comments, but I would assume that using the one power to prevent pregnancy would be more dangerous than safe. That there is more potential to damage reproduction systems of people than to actually safely prevent pregnancy.
  7. I don't think any of the covers encouraged anyone to go out and show random people the books. Though I still the the original cover to Eye of the World is still the best cover of all the covers...old and new.
  8. I remember reading that too. I think it was BS, but not sure. I just took notice that both words Voice and Singing were capitalized which suggested that there was more meaning behind those words. Perhaps RJ had other plans for the song and changed his mind later on?
  9. I'm starting my reread of the series, and noticed another obscure sentence that made me wonder if this was the "Bubbles of Evil". Page 1 of the Prologue: This seems to reference the Bubbles of Evil because the Dark One has touched the world, and tainted the One Power. Kind of cool that this is in the very first paragraph of the series!
  10. Starting my reread over from scratch because it's been several months since I have read Shadow Rising. I'm reading the Prologue now and am wondering if the Tinkers song was known during the Age of Legends? On Page Two it reads: We know that the Aiel had served and failed the Aes Sedai, and that the Aiel fractured into several societies one of them being the Tuatha'an who spend their time in the series looking for their song. Was LTT referring to the lost song when he asked if the stranger had the "Voice" because it was time for the "Singing"?
  11. Awesome! Just subscribed to this podcast. I almost want to restart my reread and follow this podcast. I'm almost finished with The Shadow Rising, so I am not sure I want to go back and start over again.
  12. Sadly, I feel like if they were planning on making an announcement of any kind that they would be leaking that info to generate excitement and intrigue, so I don't expect to see any announcements. Hope I'm wrong, but I can't see them not using any information of any kind to get more interest in this convention.
  13. Amazon set aside over a billion dollars for new series. That leaves plenty of money left over after Dark Tower, WoT, and LotR. Keep in mind these are also some of the best completed series in all of literature, and they are more than special effects they are great stories with characters that people love. If done right these three shows will bring in a lot of fans and the buzz of each will only attract more.
  14. I took a world religion class about 5 years ago that I loved. I loved it mainly because everything in that class reminded me of TWoT! Amazing how much information RJ poured into that series. Basically, every world religion can be found in RJ's series especially the smaller less known ones.
  15. Like he broke his life/personality into 3 characters. Mat represented his playful, promiscuous, mischievousness, Perrin his love of wife, family, wildlife, and Rand being his life experiences as a soldier in Vietnam.
  16. That's a really interesting insight. I think for the most part that was RJ's intent. I felt he was suffering from PTSD for much of TWoT anyways.
  17. Just wish there was more news coming out. I'm mostly interested in which network is going to air it because then I'll have a better idea of the quality of the final product.
  18. What about the Paramount Channel? They seem to be looking to make a name for themselves. Haven't watched their series Waco yet, but it looks like it can be great with really good actors.
  19. With all the issues that this series has had with getting developed what are the chances that we get the quality and story that we all want?
  20. All three are really good characters, but their faults lie mainly in the pacing of the series. Rand got too powerful too quick, and RJ had to come up with reasons why he didn't take matters into his own hands sooner. Perrin also got to the end of his arc sooner than the rest, and that was the main reason for his multi-book siege for Faile. I still hope, and everyone here hates the idea, but a reediting of the entire series that lines all the storylines up and have them all climax at nearly the same time. You would need to cut out certain story lines, and rewrite others, but I think it would en
  21. Bummer that there isn't any other leaks or rumors circulating about this adaption yet. Hope it isn't a dead project sitting on the back shelf of some studio executives office.
  22. So i was digging around the internet for any clue on what network was going to carry The Wheel of Time, and stumbled upon this set of articles... http://money.cnn.com/2014/03/20/technology/sony-tv-powers/index.html My question is this...If Sony Playstation Network is going to start developing original content would that include The Wheel of Time? If so, then would I have to buy a Playstation and join their network to watch it? I really hope not because that would suck. I don't play video games, and don't plan on investing in one just to watch one show where there is no promise of
  23. It’ll be interesting to see how they pull this off. This series has a lot of unique cultures and norms that if done incorrectly could have people standing around for the entire episode explaining everything, or they dumb it down so much that they eliminate everything that makes TWoT special.
  24. One reason why we may not be hearing anything other than the project was shelved is that nerds can be a little obsessive. They may be going through different scripts and story boards before making an announcement. The world building could be problematic because it is littered with unique words and phrases, cultures and norms, and presenting them in the wrong way could create for boring TV. Let’s hope that they are going through different scripts right now!
  25. Sounds like what happened is what happened with Red Eagle. They probably entered into a contract naive of the outcome.
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