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Approved WK Bio (Wolf - Spring Dawn) CC Please


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Name: Spring Dawn


Age: Just pasted cubhood


Description: fairly large for a wolf, his coat is a smokey grey colour and

his eyes have the twinkle of a young wolf cub i them still.


History: Originally part of a pack of wolves in the Mountains of Mist Spring

mist was born into a pack of about 5 wolves, He was a litter of 2. His pack

roamed the mountains for many years hunting prey and defending territory.

Spring Mist was quite a curious cub and was always found sneaking up on

people and animals. Spring Mist grew and grew until he was one of the

largest and strongest in his pack but even though he was capable of making

pack leader he would never approach the subject with his father as he

respected him to much. And it went on so for many years.


About 2 years ago Spring Dawn ventured out of his father pack as he often

did to explore he spent a night away from the pack. Whilst away he was still

in contact with his pack but never close enough to see them or hear them

physicly but on morning he felt a scream of wolf voices in his head, his

family was in dangour and he had to race back to aid them. As he returned to

the packs den, a cave in the foot of the Mountians of Mist, Spring Dawn

found his pack missing with only the cave floor smeared with what smelt of

wolf blood hid packs wolf blood. But stringer than the sent of blood was the

stench of Neverborn and darkspawn.


Spring Dawn was awash with emotion his pack his mother, father brother and

kin were gone, taken by the beasts of the dark, his rage ran through him and

his blood boiledhe vowed to find the beasts who dis this and end there

pathetic lives.


So for a year Spring Dawn wondered the woods and mountains in search of

these beasts but his search was in vain, he followed there trail to a large

flat stone structure, made by the Ogier if he was right many lives ago, and

after more investigation found no way in. His anger grew again and he

howled, and howled and howled. And it was then that he felt a being in his

head, not a wolf but a wolfkin, lost and alone seaking something or some one

and it was then that he followed this women and watched her from afar. He

watched here dreams from the shadows and waited. This women was confused and

emotional but Spring Dawn felt a really strong bond to this Wolfkin. And

from there the story goes on......

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