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Approved CoL bio - stamped by the Dark One


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Character Name: Zoe


Age: 18


Email address: Nynaeve_n10@hotmail.com


Division: The Children of the Light


Subdivision: None


Physical Description:

Zoe is 5’6. She is slender with round hips and considerable bosom to match. She’s got long curly black hair that is sometimes braided, pale skin and clear gray eyes. The back of her left hand is decorated by a severe burn mark that has faded throughout her life.


Place of Birth/Raising: Arafel


Character History:

Zoe was born and raised in Arafel. She lost her father when she was two years old. She had no recollection of him but the way her mother used to talk about him convinced her that he was a good honest man. She loved her mother very much and never had any conflicts with her. One day, by sheer dumb luck, her mother dropped an oil lamp and the whole house caught on fire. A few neighbors managed to rescue them, but not before Zoe’s hand was severely burned and her mother’s entire body covered with burns. They were both carried to a house where a cloaked woman was. She first approached Zoe’s mother, placing her hands on her mother’s head. Zoe’s mother was sighing in pain when she suddenly started shaking uncontrollably until her head suddenly fell back. The woman with the ageless face took her hands off and shook her head, muttering something about it being a lost cause.


The woman quickly moved her hands and placed them on Zoe’s head, but Zoe pushed her hands away and ran out of the house. She wasn’t going to let this woman kill her the way she did her mother. Her mother was alive until that witch laid her filthy hands on her. Zoe could still feel the woman’s hands on her head. It made her feel tainted. Dirty. Luckily she was adopted by her aunt who gave her a descent life. But Zoe never forgot that face. Never forgot her mother and never forgot what happen. The scar on her hand never let her forget. And so she vowed that when it was time she would join the fight against the tainted ones and become a Children of the Light.





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