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Aproved Trolloc bio...need CC


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Character Name: Bog

Email address: wakkalulutidus@hotmail.com

Division: Shayol Ghul

Circle : Shadowspawn

Physical Description: Bog 8 foots tall. Bog weigh many kilos! Almost 100!

Bog has yellow eyes, like tiger, and hair is black! Bog has Horn in middle

of forehead! Bog like to fondle it.

Place of Birth/Raising: Somewhere in the eastern Blight, Bog not sure.

Character History:


A letter from Bog

Bog letter nice people to join your club! Bog want to join club much. Bog

trolloc! Bog big and strong! Bog be nice Trolloc, hurt all everyones! Bog

born in mountains somewhere east. At least Bog think east. Maybe west. But

Bog think east. If not east then west! Or south? Bog no remember. Bog raised

by by Bog mother, until Bog mother get eaten by wild cows when Bog mother

sleeping. Bog very angered at cows and beat 5 in head! Then Bog must run,

for cows chase after Bog with furious anger! Bog never trust bovine again!

After that day Bog not have very interesting life, for Bog mostly wander

alone and eat fish when Bog can. Fish are good Bog thinks, especially the

blue ones, with the little floppy on their backs! Bog like them very much,

for them taste flippy... Bog once visit borderlands, but Bog no like it, for

they shoot arrows at Bog, and try to harm me! Bog never trust humans either!

Now Bog's never trust list include :




-The sharp rock under other rock that cut Bog

-The Big rock ontop of small sharp rock for hurting Bogs foot after bog get

little stone cut!

-Bogs foot for hurting

-Bogs other foot for also hurting. Bog consider cutting off.


But Bog has dark secret that me very ashamed of... Bog has never killed

before! :( Bog is trying! But not easy to kill bog has found. When Bog

tries, he always is foiled by the humans or other cows, life not be east for

bog! But aside from that, Bog want to join club, please allow Bog in, or Bog

will throw rocks at you!


Signed Gog


err. Gbo



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