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Who not to trust?

mikey sedai

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Now all of our central characters have surrounded themselves with a menagerie of heroic do-gooders. And we know tha5t some of them are to be trusted less than the others.

Rand has got Elza.

Egwene had Halima, and Sheriam is seeming suspect.

Elayne had Mellar and the interchangable Aes Sedai.

Perrin has got shady Annoura and Masema.


What i want to know is : who do we suspect of being a Darkfriend with Matt? Why?


Personally, i can't think of anyone!

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meh, I hadn't thought about it much. I figured Melindhra was Mat's Darkfriend as you put it, and since then he's been so busy evading the gholam I figured he didn't have a betrayer in his camp anymore.


I really hope it's not Talmanes.

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