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  1. I was wondering since im at college and don't have my books handy, does ewgene ask if they are dark friends or ask if they are members of the black ajah. The second seems like it would be much easier to get around, because telling the lie depends on whether or not you believe something to be true. And it seems like you could convince yourself you are no longer black ajah if you had those three oaths removed when you foreswear all oaths. However, it is a moot point if she asks are you a darkfriend. Any clarification would be greatly appreciated, Thanks
  2. Don't know if this has ever been mentioned before, but it seems like there is an inconsistency regarding skimming in earlier books. How did Rand get on the exact same skimming pathway as Asmodean at the end of SR. I thought that for someone to do that it would have to be made on exactly the same spot going to exactly the same spot, and I assume that Asmo didnt skim there for Rand's perch in the Golden Bowl, but could have missed some information.
  3. The only thing i could think of to deal with the gholam would be for a channeler to neutralize it, it would be tricky thou. This is based on the assumption that the gholams ability to negate channeling works in a manner similar to Mat's medallion, it stops direct flows but not indirect ones. So a channeler could potentially grab several metal spears with air flows, the gholam could break wooden ones with his hands, and hopefully direct one to stab it. Then lift the gholam into the air by the spear, which is hopefully barbed, and then stab the other ones through it creating an apex, similar
  4. I think the first scene I definitely remember giving me goosebumps was in tEotW when Moiraine tells the people of Two Rivers about their ancestors in Manetheren and when the nation made its last stand.
  5. Lol very low but I like it at least the shot about the cheerleaders. Maybe its kind of like the Free Mason's or something.
  6. I was always fond of "Do you have any idea how long it takes to dig graves for 23 oak trees?"-Bashere even though I spelled his name wrong.
  7. If the book is good then ill be happy, but I don't think I will be satisfied in that sense. I'm still going to want to keep reading. That always happens when I get done with a long series. I'll be happy, but I'm always sad when its over.
  8. Didn't he start the Way of the Coconut? lol
  9. I thought he couldn't be reincarnated because his tie to the DO was severed by Rand.
  10. I was in seventh or eighth grade which was 3 or 4 years ago. My friend, in the fashion of being that age decided to steal some books for the fun of it. I looked at them and read some so I went and bought them from the store. They were the two part set of EotW and I am extremely grateful for my friends decision to steal those books because it allowed me to end up with the best fantasy series I have ever read.
  11. Yea. I'm sure it affects the whole body. Great name reference Battousai.
  12. Yea sometimes ill say "I'm lost in my own mind." but in the old tounge.
  13. I enjoyed it. I could see several/many of those points taking place, but I would be severely disappointed if they all did. Mainly because I would have already read aMoL without getting all of the detail.
  14. He is also getting mad because everyone looks at him like he is evil and try to plot against him or kill him, and he is just trying to give his life so they whole world will survive.
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