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  1. I won't get into this too much because it's more of a general political issue than anything. it's just that while yes a dictatorship is certainly efficient, it's not always the best system.
  2. yeah, Rand is more of a dictator than anything. I mean it's pretty obvious when he constantly repeats that he'll use anyone and everyone to win Tarmon Gai'don. sure, he can deal with intrigues and political opponents but Hannah is 100% right about matters of logistics. he has a singular goal and he's working towards that. it's not so much ruling as it is temporary unification.
  3. yeah, if you study Tolkein the man you'll find out a huge influence on his writing was World War I. in a way his works were his way of coping with the tragedy that sickened and horrified him. that's why so often the wars of Middle-earth have great loss, not in just nameless numbers but in important figures (like Elendil and Gil-galad). it's depressing stuff at times - even the "ending" of LOTR is the death of Aragorn. as for Goodkind I couldn't get through even the second book in The Sword of Truth. I really liked the first, I loved the character of Chase but I couldn't get over Richard and Kahlan's constant bickering and making up. meh~
  4. one more battle I forgot about - Rand taking on the Asha'man in Far Madding without using the Power. just absolutely owns those who hadn't bothered to learn the sword. there's this part where he comes out of a roll and basically eviscerates an opponent. so awesome.
  5. same. as much as I liked the other battles, this is my favorite. Rand vs Turak is a close second. the Battle of Cairhien is good, but I'd like it more if the duel between Couladin and Mat was described as it happened instead of reminisced. the only battle I don't particularly care for is the duel between Rahvin and Rand. it starts out really dramatic but I lost interest in between the shifts between Rand and Nynaeve. it wasn't until the fish trap that I started paying attention again.
  6. meh, her arrogance is enough of a flaw for me.
  7. isk

    New Spring

    can't hurt. it can either give you details on what is alluded to later or remind you of what you've already read. and it can give you a different perspective on the books.
  8. RJ is a huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge borrower when it comes to religion and lore. not sure how that starts any controversy - if you have a college-level (or even high school-level) education you see a lot of parallels in WoT.
  9. mmm yeah. I have something of a book jones. some other authors I read - Raymond E. Feist - the Riftwar got me into reading for fun. very much high fantasy with moderately invincible heroes. I think he was getting his groove back with Conclave of the Shadows, but I'm dubious about the Darkwar Saga. George R.R. Martin - A Song of Ice and Fire is so very good. eagerly awaiting book 4. R.A. Salvatore - I don't like all of his earlier works, but the Hunters Blades trilogy is awesome. hope he continues in that direction. Richard Marcinko - Demo Dick is like Tom Clancy but with more profanity, more grit, and less technokwak. definitely his best books were co-authored with John Weisman. David Hagberg - good stuff overall, similar to Clancy without all the catchphrases. W.E.B. Griffin - I think he infuses too much hero worship into his books, but I enjoy them for the most part. there's more, but that's what I've mostly read in the past couple years.
  10. I chalked it up to best intentions gone awry in a snowballing effect. he didn't start the split of the tower; he just made a choice early on and stuck with it. as for letting Min, Leane, and Siuan escape, I think he heard some sense for the first time in several days and was honorable (or tired) enough to follow it despite his personal feelings. definitely some conflict going on in his head.
  11. started reading at 22, I'm 25 now
  12. meh, I hadn't thought about it much. I figured Melindhra was Mat's Darkfriend as you put it, and since then he's been so busy evading the gholam I figured he didn't have a betrayer in his camp anymore. I really hope it's not Talmanes.
  13. fire blossoms and deathgates, and they were used in KoD during the trolloc attack
  14. meh, I liked TDR quite a bit. not that I don't like TSR, but I think KOD is the best so far.
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