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Any Google doc experts here able to give me a hand?

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I recently became self employed and sub contract for several companies. The money is much better. But because I'm booked ad hoc when I'm needed, I'm running into conflict with people trying to book me days I'm working for someone else and then getting grumpy that I'm not available.


What I'm looking to do is create a work calendar (so an importable template would be nice) that i can share with everyone who may book me. Ideally I would like my version of it to display more information such as who I am working for, where, how much, if Iv sent the invoice, if its been paid up etc, but to then have a version I canal low access to which feeds off the data in just one cell to simply display whether I am booked or available.


If I could make it really flashy and allow people with access to request to enter details such as where they need me etc which I have to approve and again which show up only on my version of the calendar that would be even better.


I used to use excel a lot but have limited google doc experience.


Any info on how to achieve anything like what I'm looking for would be appreciated.

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If you click on your drive, then on "New" then pick "Google Sheets" then the little green square with a white grid on it in the top left corner, you'll get all kinds of templates. There are also add-ons. "Rose Task Manager" sounds promising.

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