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Hello from Joseph, owner of Mount Rainier Productions Ltd.

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I've been an obsessed fan of the works of James Oliver Rigney, Jr. A.K.A. Robert Jordan, his pen name.  Like many of you I've been a fan of fantasy for some time.  It all started with J.R.R. Tolkien with The Hobbit and later The Lord of The Ring's trilogy.  It was in April 1990 that I received a hard backed book named "The Eye of The World" for my birthday.This brought me down the quite solid and well written path of Mr. Jordan's works.

The sudden and amazing burst of action and adventure rife in the book with a very professionally written prose. that came with that novel.  Hungering for more when they became available.  I was hooked for life.  I imagine there are others with similar stories out there that sound the same.  I've read time and time again his works and above all else "The Wheel of Time" was the one in which I felt Mr. Jordan excelled at his work.

I did have an original account some time back but I believe recovering it will prove impossible as I don't remember the screen name & Password and the e-mail server I used has been long defunct thus the account would be unrecoverable.  

I am happy though to continue with this screen name as it quite fits me and my station in this point of life.

When Robert became ill, like so many other loyal readers, I was always checking for updates on his health and hoping that he would bounce back and conquer the health issues and I was deeply saddened by his passing.  He was a good man, from all appearances he showed that nature to family, friends and even the fans who were strangers to him.

Having lost a spouse in 1997 I can somewhat understand what his widow Harriet McDougal was facing.  But knowing that their love was for much longer that his passing was very painful for her.  I hope that she is at peace.  She was a wonderful wife in helping him in his hour of need.  The mark of a true love.

In moving on I did want to explain more about myself and to break the ice here in the forums.  I am here to talk anything and everything related to Mr. Jordan's works and the legacy that will live well beyond us all.

My name Is Joseph Graniczny.  A writer, producer and director in relation to film.  Last year the film production company I wanted to form came to life. Our prime focus is in films, but as we expand out under solid funding, we are working to make our production house become a multi media company that will expand past both feature & documentary films and establish sections focused on game & software development, signing Indie Artists, recording at professional in-house studios to provide the best quality sound recording, engineering and mastering and overall productions for digital sales.. Additionally we have been seeking to remaster established music to it's original high quality sound or through new remastered versions in the most superior forms of digital mediums when contracted by Record Companies who want to enter the digital world, that sign contracts with us..  We have even more expansions coming but we intend to make the multi media role really fit for us.  To create American jobs that are much needed in this economy.  To also add jobs in any overseas locations as well.

I will attest that while I am here to rub elbows with fellow fans and to also learn of new events being planned like themed get together's, with hope I can reach out and find the right person would would enjoy the idea of a possible film franchise with good prospects for actor's and actresses, writers to rework Robert's works into skilled, masterful scripts that would do the least deviation possible from the original works that Robert wrote.  As a fan who has always seen the great works of others be butchered when anyone in film touches them, rest assured that I have no intentions of falling into the ruination of perhaps the most amazing fantasy book series written in The United States of America, if not The World.

I hate when seeing books become heavily modified and often added to, become productions that literally make true fan's walk away disappointed.  Rest assured that my goals would be to focus on the original works and to not sacrifice.

Both Harriet McDougal & Brandon Sanderson would be offered postilions as advisers and co-producers if we could take The Wheel of Time franchise into theaters.  I think it is long overdue and as not an amateur, I would love the chance to make a product look as good as what can be seen in The Hobbit or Lord of The Rigs.  Quality I meant, not story.

With hope I can locate Harriet.

Below is where I can be contacted.  Otherwise, I am looking forward to coming back to this page.

Best Regards,

Joseph. R. Graniczny.


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