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new wolfkin

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Hihihi friends, new wolf in town! i've just began my journey into my new life. I hope I can somehow find out who I really am. My dad, a furry, doesn't seem to understand what it's like to be a wolfkin... Doesn't he realize I'm simply different? I swear, I'm finding hair in places I never knew could have any. I am definitely a wolf. At first, I knew I was a wolf inside, but my physique wasn't exactly supporting this. But recently, as the changes have come upon me, I've realized who I am destined to be. Since my family of furries does not approve, I go to the dog park on weekends to seek comfort from my buddies. Their owners sometimes take me away from them, but as brothers, we stick together. But I understand why their owners wouldn't let me hang out with them. For god's sake, I'm a wolf! I'll never find anyone like me. I have sharp teeth, my eyes are a piercing gold color, and my buddies at the dog park have brown eyes. 


Anyways, since I haven;t been able to find anyone in real life to help me, I've come here. So hello now, Acalia has arrivred!

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