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Approved Aiel Bio for Fonn, Shaido Brotherless : CC'ed by SG


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Name: Fonn


Clan: Shaido


Society: Brotherless (formerly Sovin Nai)


Age: 26 (At time of joining the Brotherless)




Description: Fonn is mostly unremarkable for an Aiel. Standing at about 7'2", he's on the tall side, but not as tall as others among the Aiel. His blue-tinged green eyes are set in a rather handsome face framed by fiery red hair. Considerably more easy-going than the normal Aiel, Fonn's eyes always seem to suggest that he knows a joke that nobody else does. This sense of easiness lasts until the onset of the dance; with a simple raise of the veil, Fonn becomes what every Aiel is in truth: a killer. This duality of nature made him popular among the Dragonmount Sovin Nai, and it makes him popular among the Brotherless of the Shaido.




History: Janarr of the Sovin Nai paced outside his tent, worried. The Wise Ones had been in there with his wife for the past hour. What was wrong? As he paced, Janarr's worry grew. His wife, Senna, should be delivering their child, but there was no sound from the tent other than the occasional gasps and the muffled muttering of the Wise Ones. It had been too long. Something was wrong. The quiet gave way to a low moan, then agonized cries. It was all that Janarr could do to stay outside and wait. He wanted to be there, to hold Senna's hand and let her know that everything would be all right. She would be fine. Their child would be fine. Everything would be fine.




The cries lasted for another hour before they were finally replaced by something else: the wailing of a baby. Excitedly, Janarr rushed for the tent flap, only to be brought up short by the Wise Ones as they exited. The one in the middle was holding a small bundle in her arms. "It's a boy, strong and healthy", she said.




"And Senna? How is Senna?"




Two of the Wise Ones looked to Theora, who was obviously in charge of the group. "The exertion was too much on her. There are some things that even we cannot repair. Senna woke from the dream after naming the child." Her eyes were truly sympathetic. "She called him Fonn." It was the name that they had agreed upon if the child were to be a boy.




"Could you please take the child? I don't think that I could bear the memories that he'll bring me." The Wise One nodded quietly. His eyes downcast, Janarr brushed a finger against his son's cheek. "Grow strong, Fonn, and be a better man than I."� Without looking back, Janarr pushed the tent flap aside and stepped inside. Grief among the Aiel was a private affair, and Janarr did not wish to shame himself in front of everybody.








Fonn grew up under the roof of a blacksmith and a weaver. Despite everything that he could have felt about his lot in life, he was a happy child. There were plenty of children in the Hold, and he never wanted for playmates. His jovial nature made Fonn popular with the other children. Growing up, he often spent his time hovering around the Sovin Nai roof, idolizing the knife-wielding warriors of the society. In their child-like battles, Fonn would often pretend to be some Sovin Nai warrior, and he was once jokingly chastised by a warrior by the name of Krachend for following him around and imitating his every action.




His adopted father noticed his behavior, and one day asked him about it. "You're going to follow the warrior's path, Fonn? What society will you take?"




The thirteen-year-old boy laughed and replied, "The Sovin Nai, of course, Father."




The man smiled, knowing the child's history, even if he didn't. There was no chance of him meeting his father, he knew; Janarr had woken from the dream in the Wetlands when retrieving Laman's head as payment for his sin. The boy was a destined Sovin Nai, though. "Why?"�




Fonn shrugged, "I don't know. They just seem to be the place for me. I've been spending a lot of time practicing with throwing knives and such, and I think I'm good enough. The Society Leader better watch out when I come in; I'll be replacing him in no time!"




With a booming laugh, Fonn's father said, "Keep dreaming, little Sovin Nai! You've still got a few years to wait."

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