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Greetings friends, colleagues, fellow fans, lurkers, RPers, Biffins, Boffins and Sackville-Bagginses... Wait, no... That's a different speech entirely.


As you may or may not know, each year Dragonmount holds a very special awards ceremony all of it's own. They are called The Empys, and they give each and every one of you the chance to reward other members and groups in this little community of ours for their activity throughout the year here at DM, by nominating and voting for them in a variety of categories (twenty-seven, to be precise). They are all heroes in their own right with what they add to our enjoyment of this site... And that is why our theme for the whole shebang this year will be The superHeroes of DragonMount!


You are all therefore cordially invited (and possibly Compulsed, should you decline this polite invitation- how rude!) to join us in our festivities- in costume, of course, a good hero never reveals his or her secret identity- at a special, top secret location (otherwise known as theEmpy Boards), where there will be activities, fun and much merriment (or else!)


When the time comes you will also be asked to nominate the winners for the categories put forward, and then to vote on the final nominations. Be a hero this year and do your little bit to reward those who have done their little bit to make this community the most awesome one on the Interwebz this past year. Don't be a villain and miss out!


Thank you, and good night.


The Incredible Fnorrll-man.

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