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Cyan, here


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When i first joined DM around a year ago, i joined the BT and it was in between one of cyan’s infamous piinking, we had very little interaction then, then i joined the WT and we started spamming and just discussing random things in the dorms, when i pm’ed her, cant remember why exactly, but we slowly grew friendlier and friendlier till we started chatting on gtalk (like all day), we saw that we shared a lot in common and we grew closer and closer, till we would spend hours talking to each other daily, while doing chores, homework, we’d talk about dm, mafia, life, school, music, pretty much everything.


Once she dared me (and a couple of other dm’ers), that we had to spread the importance of pink and had to wear princess avatars (which she made), and we had to do it all around the WT, and if we did it, she’d have to wear a pink turtle siggy (thats why i call her turtle), well we got into trouble and had alot of fun, and quite a few memorable reactions.


What do i appreciate about cyan? her randomness, but in all seriousness, i appreciate how kind and selfless she is, she goes out of her way to help anyone who asks, she doesnt care if she has to stay up all night to get it down, if she said she’d do it, you can trust that it is done, i also dislike it (sorta), she doesnt really think about herself, she doesnt think of the consequences she’ll have to face, whether its being tired or not sleeping for a week cuz of the overload of work, she has left cuz she said yes to a friend, but im honoured to know i have a friend who’d leave everything if i ask (and sometimes i dont even have to ask), and i really appreciate that.


I also appreciate the fact that she can live with my weird moods and indecisiveness and rash behavior , she knows when i need a laugh and when i need someone to argue with me, and when i need space, she doesnt let me drown in self pity, she’s been there when i need her, even if it meant, she had to stay up till 2 am her time and she had to be up at 6, and im very indecisive and really rash sometimes, i dont think things through, and it has hurt a lot of people i love, so cyan is there to help me think and not over analyze everything till i confuse myself and everyone else.


I can be as open as i want with cyan, and i know she wont judge me, we are so alike and close that sometimes she knows what im going to ask her, or we both say the same thing and ninja each other, even though, she lives on the other side of the continent, and timezones confuse me, we’ve still made a schedule that allows us to game together, to chat all the while about the most random things.

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