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Welcome to the Green's Animal Appreciation Week!


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Ladies and gents, channelers and warriors, ants, elephants and everything inbetween: Welcome to the first Animal Appreciation Week from the Green Ajah! We're excited to invite you to this brand new event! We have discussions and games for you, so keep your eyes on Tar Valon :happy: This event will be running from the 14th to the 20th of september, and I hope as many as possible will show up to give some love to our animal friends!


These are the activies we'll be having:

-Let's talk about our favourite animals!

-Wich animal are you?

-Guess the animal

-Cruelty to animals

-Animal welfare and you


(Links to be added as threads come up)



So bring  your pet or your neighbours cow and join us!

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One neighbor has mules...and they visit often. :/  The other neighbor has chickens, they also visit often.....


and roost on my porch, outside of my bedroom window....and wake me up at times when no one should EVER

have to be up on their day off of work.....


lol True story.

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