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[Dreadlord] Assassins Game Sign Ups


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Assassins of the Dark One



The point of this Game is to be the best. We are from Shayol Ghul, we all know to be the best you have to stab your way to the top. To be the best you need to become the highest level of assassin; have the most kills, but also the least deaths.

Every attempt on you has a way to save yourself, but you have to be quick, before it destroys you completely. Work your way through the ranks, and become the Top Assassin.

The Rules
  • To assassinate someone, you must post directly after them (with the exception of weapon bonuses explained later) in the same thread as them, staying on topic and relevant, then stating that you have assassinated them. Post a link on the game thread (Make it bloody and fun. I still have normal points I like to share)
  • You must tell them what weapon you used.
  • These kills can only be counted on the Public Main board or the sub boards that everyone can see (not the DL, SS, BL, or Bore)
  • The person "killed" has 24 hours to respond, or else they will be considered killed.
  • To respond, post on the same thread as the assassination attempt, keep topic, then state you are evading the attempt and how you are evading the kill (Make it awesome, I also might give points for these). Make sure you say what item you used. Post a link on the game thread
  • Each person may only hold three items on them at a time. This includes attacking and defensive Items.
  • When you are assassinated, you lose all items and 3 points
  • When you complete a successful assassination, you gain 5 points
  • Should your assassination attempt fail, you will gain 1 point for the attempt and the other player will get 2 points for defending the attack
The Levels

1. There will be 7 levels. The number of levels can fluxiate, based on the number of players, but shall start off at 7
2. You may only kill someone that is just above or just below you in level
3. Each tier will have a minimum point requirement.
4. If more meet the requirement than there are slots, then the slot shall go to the member with the highest points and the amount of points needed to gain that level may be changed

Killing Items
These are items with which you can kill. You lose your item after using it SUCCESSFULLY. The exception is the bow, which is lost after the use of the 5th arrow. They are listed in order of difficulty to get. They have are styled in blue and have a skull logo

Knife - Stab to the heart. Opposed by Steady Hands and Light Armour


Poison - Kills by Poison. Opposed by Antidote and Poison Taster


Throwing Knife - A knife to the back. Can kill an opponent with a one post gap between the attempt. Opposed by Quick Movement and Light Armour


Bow (and 5 Arrows) - Takes two slots. Arrow to the heart. Can kill an opponent with a two post gap between the attempt Opposed by a Favour and Light Armour


Sword - Takes A slit across the throat. Opposed by Quick movement and Heavy Armour


Axe - Takes two slots. Bashes in skull. Opposed by a Favour and Heavy Armour


Defensive Items
These items are used naturally, without any response by the assassinated. Only the game master and the player knows that they have a defensive item. They have are styled in Yellow and have a Shield logo

Poison Taster - Catches Poison. Easy to get.


Light Armor - Protects against Bow, Knife and Throwing Knife, Medium Difficulty. (Doesn't protect from Sword or Axe)


Heavy Armour - Protects against Sword and Axe. Hard Difficulty. Lasts for 2 attempts (Doesn't protect from Knife, and prevents Quick Movement)


Healing Items
These items can only be worked for TO SAVE SELF. Cannot be carried but require a free slot to attain.They have are styled in Red and have an Avendasora logo

Antidote - Easy to get. Saves from Poison


Quick Movement - Easiest to Get, but only 12 hour window. Cannot be attained while wearing Heavy Armour


Favour - This one requires some begging. No free slot is needed just the lack of dignity


Steady Hands - Hard to get


How to Get Items

  • Killing Items: Killing Items are attained by doing GMTs on other boards. This means any of the tasks that DO NOT occur in Shayol Ghul. You must request your item within 3 days of completing the task. Once you have the item, the item is in your slot, until it is used up, or you ask to remove it.
  • Defensive Items: These items are attained by doing GMTs on the Shayol Ghul boards. You must request your item within 3 days of completing the task. The equipping must occur BEFORE an assassination attempt. Once you have the item, you must request to put it in a slot.
  • Healing Items: These items cannot be attained until after an attempt has been made on your life. You have only 24 hours to save yourself by finding this item, save for Quick Movement, which is 12 hours. All of these items, save for Favour, will be hidden amongst old posts in the Blight. The item will be removed once it has been used, and an item placed elsewhere. It can be hidden ANYWHERE in the blight.
  • Antidote: There will be 1 Antidote per every three threads
  • Quick Movement: There will be 1 Item per every five threads
  • Steady Hands: There will be 1 Item per every ten threads
  • Favour: You must post on the main boards and post something for amusement. You must receive points for it. You may not mention the Assassin's Game, but must get one of the BA or DL to heal you on the thread using the OP or a SS to give you a healing potion (or trollac blood which you can brew into a potion)
How the Mod keeps track
  • On the wiki, there will be a page, with a list of the ranks.
  • The list of the items will be kept as a google doc, for only the Mods to see
Feel free to ask questions I have tried to be as clear as I can be
If the game takes off we will keep it around to play like the GMTs. During the game ill be hinding weapons and defensive items around SG. If you find one, feel free to use it when you please


1. Pral

To keep some items hidden and secret ill have a game PM with each of you
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The way it works with the GMTs is it has to be one you have not completed/passed before. I will lift the 2 per member per month restriction for this game only. Please send me a pm when you complete the GMT because my notifications are messed up. You also have to pass the GMT to get the credit, no half-assed tasks will pass. That means that they require interactions before completed. Also make sure to post all links to tasks, I'm not digging through threads.

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