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The way this would work is when someone creates a new character they find someone to roll a bunch of dice for them. Each roll is determining what abilities they have / how strongly they have them. Once the rolls are done the person who rolled them keeps them secret, only letting the person know they have them where relevant.


For instance they might start makings strange things happen around you when you are in need if you can channel, tell you that you can sense scents and images coming from a wolf, or you see pictures floating over someone's head.


In the end I know everyone will play the character they want to play so this is just for people who want random unknowns when it comes to their character's abilities.


Rough Draft


(These values can be adjusted as desired. The values here reflects a standard player character. Player characters are assumed to have more exceptional abilities than just anyone in the WoT world.)


Known on Creation:

Bloodline: Roll d100. 1-5 = Two Rivers. 6-15 = Aiel. 16-25 = Seanchan. 26-30= Malkieri. 31-100 = Anything else.

Upbringing: Roll d100. 1-30 = Noble. 31-40 = Orphaned. 41-42 = Feral childhood. 99-100 = Raised in blight. 98 = Wetland upbringing for Aiel / Waste upbringing for Non-Aiel and Non-Seanchan.

Owns a power wrought object: 20 on a d20.


Discovered as You Go:


Can Channel: 10 on a d10.

Can Learn / Will Manifest: 1 and 2 on a d2

Channeling Strength: Total of 5 d10s determines the strength you can reach. 10 being Morgase and 50 being Rand

Foretelling: 10 on a d10

Angreal Reading: 20 on d20

Special Talent with a Weave Type: 100 on a d100 for any weave. Please roll for.



-Ter-Angreal / Angreal creation.

-Weather alteration (2 on d2 if Seafolk)

Strongest Powers: Roll a d12.

-Males: 1-3 fire, 4-6 earth, 7-8 water, 9-10 air, and 11-12 spirit.

-Female: 1-3 water, 4-6 air, 7-8 fire, 9-10 earth, and 11-12 spirit.

Roll again to determine 2nd strongest. Each time you roll your original before a secondary you become stronger in it.


Dreamer: 10 on a d10 (3 on d3 if Aiel)

Wolkin: 10 on a d10. (If dreamer is also rolled that means control in the wolf-dream comes unusually easy to you.)

Thief Catcher: 10 on a d10.

Doomseer: 15 on a d15.

Ta'veren: 100 on a d100

-Roll 5 d 10s to determine strength with 10 being barely noticeable and 50 being Rand.


How to Help


"That's too low of a chance."

"That's too high of a chance."

"That violates RP rules."

"I would add..."

"I would get rid of..."

"I love this idea / want to use it for a character / do someone's roll."

"I hate this idea and you should be tossed into the Pit of Doom."

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We actually currently have similar things in place to almost all of your suggestions, only the bio checker of the rp group you sign up for and the rgl of the group you send the bio to see the behind the scenes randomizing.


We don't randomly tell someone they are a channeler, or have a talent, but we do randomize the score of each inividual channeler with how powerful in each element they are and their personal strength and skill in channeling.


There is a breakdown of what score each weave needs in each element to be made. So not all characters can do all weaves. It depends on the statistics they are given creation and the amount the weave requires.


For talents we have a list of possible talents people can have and a person can ask to use one. Within reason we allow it. But because talents are rare in the wot universe we will not be randomly assigning them to people who may not want them. And we will not be telling people things about their character that are not in their bio or appropriate to the group they joined or that would have them change their group.


For instance we would not tell a novice in the white tower that they were going to become a wolf kin at age 16. We would not tell ogier that they can channel. We so not want to direct the progression of a character someone else controls and may have had a plan for their own character growth.


Each group figures out how to divy up things, and I know that the last rgl of the children of the light group had put in place an option roll for actions system for people interested.


I'm not saying your ideas won't go over, but I think in some ways a lot of them are already in place behind the scenes or not being used for good reason. Though each rgl may choose to take you up on this within their own group at some level.


Good luck, and thanks so much for sharing your thoughts! We love to see people with passion and those who really want to get involved!


Also, because the psw is already structured in how it does those things, this suggestion may be better suited as an option in the other, less structures rp group (who's name is escaping me currently).





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Ah. Thanks for the info!


While I fully understand what you are saying, I know I have an interest in someone rolling for me and letting me know (where appropriate) that I have an ability manifesting itself.


I think it will just make things more interesting if I'm as surprised as the character is. I'll take it up with the warder division and see what they think. :)

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I've done a lot of real time, group rping sitting around at friends houses with the a GM directing and dice flying every where. That can be a great event for sure! I do see what you are saying and where you are coming from.


I do think your best bet is to take it to the rgl of the group you joined (as you suggested in your last post) and see if perhaps they would consider adding this option in their group, or possibly using this structure in a specific rp arc, or if they may be willing or able to work something out with you to try this solo.


Good luck! And I look forward to seeing you around the boards :)

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