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August stats


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BA = 715

Moon 156

Basel 129

Barm 5

Bg 24

Cindy 165

Pandy 5

Via 109

Hax 5

Nicana 5

Panchi 149


DL= 314

Chuckles 10

Dap 74

Darthe 34

Ishy 154

Kathleen 5



Vambram 27


SS= 511

Leelou 77

Heart 5

Luci 140

Nyn 120

Rey 40

Tina 74

Verb 10

Kronos 10

Wombat 35



DO & Fuls = 317

Lily 29

Brid 20

Cloud 5

Davrick 85

Hallia 83

Mcs 10

Mirdraal 5

Neeto 5

Prayala 24

RTE 55



Congrats go to Cindy and the BA!

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aw crap.


can I compel some ful to act as naeblis for my own amusement?


it would make have a very happy :myrddraal:


they could be like a minion and perform services and exchange goods and what have you.


they could wear a pretty collar and stuffs *hopeful evil grin*


they wouldn't even have to wear the stuffs. I'm good with just the collar. and perhaps a ring of some kind.

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weird I don't mind. disappointing the dark one ... I'll try not to.


I'd really like to make my lazy cook pot do it. 24 points, I'll never have my chicken stew :(


ok. gonna be demanding human sacrifice this time I think.


PG-13 human sacrifice of course.


and chicken. dammit.

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