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The Wheel has broken and the Pattern unravels.

Guest gallienus

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Guest gallienus

This post is long overdue and I felt compelled to say something.



First I would like to thank the memory of Robert Jordan for the years of pleasure that the WoT series has given me over the years. May the hand of the Creator protect and shelter him for ever. Secondly I'd like to thank Mrs. Jordan for the years of tireless work as the series editor. And lastly I would like thank Brandon Sanderson for having the unmitigated gall and temerity to finish The Wheel of Time series. Both you and Harriett have done a magnificent job and you should both be very proud of the last three books of the series.


Hello to all my fellow WoT fans.


I was going through a sci-fi fantasy book forum on Compuserve in the early or mid 90's and I was looking for book recommendations. I posted a message and said I liked The Lord of the Rings and Thomas Covenent and I was looking for a new series to read. Someone suggested The Wheel of Time so a few days later I went to Walden's Bookstore and picked up Eye of the World. From that moment on I was hooked. I read all the books that were already published and then eagerly awaited any and all forthcoming books.


Reading this final book has been, as another person posted, bittersweet. Some of you might be surprised when I tell you that I actually put off starting A Memory of Light and then once started drug my feet finishing it. Why? Because as far as any of us can know, this is the last book of the series and Mr. Jordan has passed away. Never will we be able to read another Wheel of Time book for the first time ever again. In the coming years I know I'll go back and re-read the books, but A Memory of Light is the last new book. In a sense the Wheel of Time has broken and the Pattern begins to unravel.....


I'm sure I'm not alone in saying that I found many parts of this last book incredibly moving. I know that as part of the story some of the characters had to be killed, naturally I won't say who. But some of the characters that died I've known for close to twenty years. I'm not ashamed to admit that occasionally I did tear up while reading this last book. I suppose every story needs hero's and I shouldn't begrudge those characters their chance to die heroically.


I guess for now I'll put A Memory of Light in the closet with the rest of the WoT books and I'll let them sit for a few years. Then when memory begins to fade..............I'll take out Eye of the World and I'll begin the series. It won't be The beginning, but it will be  A beginning......


I hope that somewhere out there a young man or woman sees one of Robert Jordan's books and picks it up. I hope that they are inspired and think, "Maybe I can write a story like that". And maybe after a lot of hard work and luck we'll have a new story, a new thread and the Wheel will continue to turn. Then Robert Jordan will never truly be gone. He'll continue in the stories that his books inspire others to write.


Thank you for reading the drivel of one lone fan. And thank you again Robert, Harriett, and Brandon.




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Welcome to DM!


The introductory post is really true. A lot of people I know have cried through aMoL and I feel ashamed that I didn't cry. I woke up through the night and finished the book at 7:00 am after 15 hours of reading. I was to caught up to even cry.


There are neither beginnings nor endings to the Wheel of Time. It has inspired many people, changed life of so many people that ripples carry on. There can never be an ending for aMoL was not written to be an ending but as a beginning of a journey for readers.

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