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Approved AIEL - warrior Madoc (Kynwric) - CC'ed by WY


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DM Handle: _kynwric_

Character Info

Full name:
Clan: Dragonmount
Role: Warrior

Physical appearance: 7'1" and broad across the shoulders, Madoc is a big man. He has sun-bleached blonde hair and dark blue eyes. His skin is weathered by wind and sun, he is marked by scars on his chest and legs, but his face and arms are unmarked.
Physical weakness: He's big, which has its advantages and drawbacks.
Physical strength: Again, he's a large man, which has both advantages and disadvantages. In addition, he has superior eyesight, able to see in dim light and at great distance.

Personality: Madoc is serious in serious moments, but has an underlying light-heartedness that gives him the ability to flex when needed. However, he is touchy about his honor, as all Aiel are, and prefers to keep himself clean of owing Toh to anyone, even to the point of being too prideful in his honor.

Personality weakness: Prideful, particularly about his honor, sometimes to the point of being excessive in settling his obligations.

Personality strength: Stubborn,

Special: None above the usual Aiel abilities.


Madoc was the only son of Rhuad and Merina. Rhaud is a Knife Hand and passed some of his skill on to his son, Merina is a Wise One of moderate skill and influence. Madoc was always shorter and wider than the other children, late into his teen years he still had not cleared 6 feet. However, as approached his 17th name day he went from being one of the shortest men in the hold to being one of the tallest, and now clears 7 feet in height. While his height went from below average to well above average, he retained his breadth of shoulder and build; it made him very large, even for an Aiel.

Merina’s Roof was two days run from the Niamh Passes into Shienar, and as such was also situated near the Blight. This led to the occasional problem with Shadowspawn attempting to skirt the more direct routes into the Borderlands and cut through the Threefold Land to enter the soft wetlands for their raiding. The warrior’s of the hold, however, never passed an opportunity to kill Sightblinder’s minions wherever they were found. It was one of these raiding parties that killed his father when Madoc was a young man. It was hard for the young Madoc to understand how something so reviled could kill as skilled a warrior as his father and he felt and despite the words the other warriors said to him on the subject it made him doubt his father’s skill and in turn his own.

While Madoc learned the way of the spear, knife, shield and bow and from the other warriors in his Hold, and despite his mother’s wishes and urgings for him to take a different path in his life, to let go of the hatred he had built up in his gut surrounding his father’s death; Madoc spent an inordinate amount of time with the Thunder Walkers when he could, learning about the creatures of Shadow and how to spot, track and fight them. That learning came to an abrupt head when shortly after Madoc's 18th name-day a chance to prove himself and redeem his father presented itself, at least in his own eyes, as he headed out with the Clan's warriors to scout a possible Trolloc incursion that the Sept's scouts had seen. The resulting battle was a lesson in fear, bravery and skill and nothing in Madoc’s training nor the stories he had heard could have prepared him for the ferocity and hatred that those disgusting beasts showed as he met them for the first time. He was among two dozen warriors and the Trolloc raiding party was a full fist, and lead by one Halfman. When Madoc was in the thick of it, he finally came face to face with his first Trolloc, he would never forget the beast, it had the snout of a pig, but the rest of the head was that of a long-horned cow, the body of a bear and the forelegs of a furred man and the legs and cloven hooves of a goat. It reeked, the stench of blood, gore and death clinging to it. Even though it was small in comparison to some of the other shadowspawn, the thing over-topped Madoc by a full head, not counting the horns. Madoc stepped back from the beast as it cleaved Shian, a Maiden that Madoc had known all his life, in half with its huge double-bitted axe. With a stark, sudden realization Madoc realized that the Trolloc had turned its attention to him and he dodged the beast's wide arcing swing and the swiftly dashed inside its defenses and ran it through with one of his spears. It was then that he realized that the beast had let go with one of its hands and had reached out to grab Madoc's forearm behind his shield, with his spear still lodged in the beast’s chest he had nothing left to do but draw his belt knife. As the Trolloc drew him closer to its gaping maw Madoc lashed out and slit the thing's throat with his belt knife and as he was let go, he pushed off with his feet to clear himself from the dying Trolloc. The rest of the battle was a blur until the end when the remaining Aiel circled the Halfman and kept it contained while 3 Maidens and a couple of Eagle Brothers filled the creature full of arrows. Once their quivers were spent the remaining warriors closed in, Madoc included, and the true dance began. While seeing off the entire fist of Trollocs had only cost a the Aiel ten warriors, the Halfman himself accounted for that many before it fell into its death throes, its tattered body lashing about on the ground with arrows, spears and knives protruding from it, with its head laying lifeless a few feet away.

The encounter with the Shadowspawn had given Madoc a healthy respect for the creatures and while he thought it a worthy endeavor to seek out and destroy Sightblinder’s creatures, he found himself drawn to a different path (with some gentle nudging from the Wise One’s). One not as narrow in focus as the Thunder Walkers’, Madoc set himself on the path to be a Stone Dog, the epitome of an Aiel warrior, where he could defend Roof, Sept and Clan from all enemies with equal vigor and skill.

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