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  1. Your Handle: Sherper Character Information Name (first and last) of this character: Luka Talkend Age of this character: 18 Name of country where this character is from: Andor Appearance Hair: Light brown mixed with gold. Eyes: Hazelnut Brown. Skin: Tanned. Height: 5'9 " Voice: Soft and placid, prefers not to raise his voice. Evident Andorian accent. Optional Skills and former training: -Minor weapons training before going to the tower. -Nobility education. -Familiarity of the saddle. Personality Good natured is the best word to describe Luka. A likeable fellow to be around, he prefers to be non-assertive to anyone even when he is in a position of power. Honour bound to his word, he demonstrates an unusual sense of compassion to the poor and the defenceless. At times a very inward person, he takes pleasure more from reading and indulgence in the arts, than from physical activity. History Born the middle son to the Lord Eram Talkend of the House Talkend, Luka was largely neglected through the course of his childhood. Only second in line to the succession of House high seat and with the arrival of a younger sister, Luka was not deemed very important by his parents. Yet despite this, young Luka found pleasure and paradise from other sources - mainly books. From a very tender age Luka taught himself how to read, helped along by various librarians and scholars in Caemlyn, who took him on as a kind of ‘unofficial student’. He could read and write as well as any scribe by the age of eight, be well versed in the laws and customs of not only Andor, but Arad Doman, Illian, and Cairhien when he was thirteen. And by the age of fifteen, harbour an extensive knowledge across a wide spectrum of subjects, ranging from the sciences, to literature and the finer arts. It was also somewhere during this time that young Luka took an interest in wandering in cities; ‘to get to know the people’ so he called it. Garbed like an ordinary commoner he would spend days in city taverns or the country roads around Caemlyn. Yet the further he ventured out from his respective country and home, the higher his curiosity grew. He found new pleasure in not just reading about various things in the world, but experiencing them. His wander lust grew to fever pitch when he reached sixteen, so he decided he would leave Andor and travel the world. Taking nothing more than a sword, a pack animal and a small coin purse; Luka Talkend age sixteen left Andor. Passing farms and small cities, he oft took odd jobs as a stable hand or a merchant guard to keep himself fed and to get a chance to understand the culture of the land. Though he never stayed in one place for long, he grew accustomed to living rough and blending in with the local culture. Going south from Andor he went to Murandy, then Illian, Altara, Ghealdan and finally reached Amadicia a year after he first set off. He was never an avid combatant during his growing up, but as he travelled with various bands and faced a variety of situations, he slowly grew accustomed with the use of not only the sword, but also the spear and bow. He was not a blade master by any stretch of the definition, but through a combination of luck and knowledge in other fields, he was able to leave most confrontations without any serious injuries. This is part of the reason he grew a bit cocky and careless towards the end. On the road one day when he had passed the city Amador, he happened upon a group of bandits who were in the process of stealing from a farmer’s cart. Reckoning he could take on the five if he utilized the element of surprise, he down one with a shaft from his bow before charging in to deal with the remaining four. He had been right in the sense that surprise worked to his advantage, but that had only provided him with one more kill before he was surrounded by the other three. Overwhelmed by superior numbers, he was left to bleed to death after the remaining bandits had departed. The farmer, who Luka had ‘rescued’, loaded him onto his cart and sped off towards the nearest village to try and find a healer in time. The cart arrived in the middle of the night and when it was discovered the village healer had gone on a trip to another village, it had seemed the end of the line for the young Andorian. Luka’s last hope came from a mysterious woman, who was staying at the village tavern when she heard word of what the dying boy had done. Offering her assistance; she claimed to have some knowledge of herbs and healing, she took Luka to her room and channelled weaves of air, water and spirit to seal him wounds. She was Aes Sedai. Of the Blue Ajah as Luka later found out. Not wishing to raise any suspicions from the local populous; Aes Sedai were outlawed in Amadicia after all, Luka stayed in the room with the blue sister for the next few days. He spent some time talking with the Aes Sedai who had saved his life, and during this time he learned much about the purpose of the Tower and Aes Sedai in general. He also found out a blue sister’s mission to find a ‘cause’ and bring justice to the world. After much thought and more talks with the sister, Luka decided this was his true calling in life. Seeing the blue sister is without a warder, he offers his sword to protect her on her journey and to be her warder. Her responses was to encourage him to go to Tar Valon to be trained as a Tower Guard, and only after completion of his training, decide whether to be bonded with an Aes Sedai. So he did.
  2. Character’s name: Jokun Smills "Eldurian Darkrender" DM Handle: Eldurian Age (must be 16 - 21): 21 Place of Origin: Northern Andor Appearance: Eldurian is a towering figure at 6'7" and over 300 lbs. He has light brown hair and a slightly reddish beard that are generally trimmed short once a month. Like most Andorans, he is fair of skin. Personality: Eldurian is slow to anger and quick to laugh. Those who know him best also know he is a man of deep passions and a powerful sense of morality. He has a burning desire to make the world a better place, and is incredibly loyal to friends who share those desires. While has a bit of an ego and expects recognition where it is due, but is also apt to acknowledge the strengths and accomplishment of others. Brief History: Jokun grew up the son of a clerk to a minor house. Jokun's father always assumed he would follow in his footsteps and taught him clerking from a young age, but the older Jokun became the more restless his spirit grew. He befriended a son of the noble house his father served and spent much of his time with him out riding, sparring, and talking of the glories they would earn in battle. These tendencies grew stronger and stronger until his sixteenth nameday when he ran from home after a fight with his father. Taking the made up name "Eldurian Darkrender" he set out from home to explore the world, earning a living by taking various jobs where he could find them. Five years later Eldurian sat in an inn in Tar Valon as a merchant's guard still restless for glory. Unable to sleep he decided to go get a better look at the fabled white tower.
  3. Coraman tensed slightly as Loraine and Kynwric boarded the ship. She cursed inwardly but knew that it was probably for the best. Forced quarters with an Aes Sedai for a period of time just may be what she needed to get over her fear. She figured that the others had a suspicion but once the sails were hoisted and the Aes Sedai came on deck, they would all pretty much figure it out. Her thoughts got distracted as she watched Edana head towards the entryway heading towards the cabins. The woman grinned and motioned her over, Coraman went out of curiosity and her eyes nearly fell out of their sockets. She wanted to turn away, seeing Loraine in the arms of Kynwric, both sprawled on the floor in a.... well, she couldn't imagine an Aes Sedai being caught in an intimate position. After her years of observing Aes Sedai at the White Tower, Loraine's behavior was downright scandalous! Well, at least to the Aes Sedai, it would be. That sort of behavior was common place among her friends and even in Tar Valon's street folks. Coraman blushed and turned away, even though Edana teased the pair mercilessly. She cursed herself silently, now the Aes Sedai had reason to approach her to discuss the incident. Cora prayed it would be Kynwric, she'd rather get a sound lashing from that man than a few short words from Loraine.
  4. ooc: I'm back! ic: Coraman groaned as she rose out of bed, a small headache pounding behind her eyes. Bloody mead, she wasn't accustomed to drinking at all and now she was paying the price. She smiled as she remembered the previous day and the time spent with Edana and decided that the headache was well worth the price. She gathered her belongings and headed down to the kitchens, grabbing a bite to eat as well as a few provisions. The cook mentioned that her friend had already departed, Cora nodded as she stuffed the last bit of bread in her mouth. The cook also prepared a bitter tea that was supposed to help with the headache, Cora could only hope. She paid her dues and headed to the stables. Her horse was restless to depart, she hoped he would handle the river trip alright. She prayed to the Light and Creator for quick and uneventful travels, especially now that there will be an Aes Sedai on the ship with nowhere for Cora to go except overboard. She let out a sigh and placed the saddle on her horse, just to put it on so she wouldn't have to lug it to the ship on top of her headache. Guiding her horse towards the docks, the merchants were setting up their booths, a few calling out their wares for the early morning bustle. Cora hoped she wasn't the last to arrive, especially with the night sky brightening above her. Arriving to the docks, she spotted Edana on the ship already, leaning over the railing as if she was keeping watch. With a wave, she went ahead and got directions to take her horse to his spot. She tended to him quickly before heading to the cabin, tucking her belongings away and joined Edana on the decks. "Let the festivities begin, or so they say."
  5. Kilrin stepped through the tavern door, her narrowed eyes seeking out those responsible for the damage. Her hip ached from the quick walk after her lieutenant had informed her of a trainee, two tower guards, and a warder involved in a tavern brawl. Usually, the city guard was well capable of handling such incidents but in this case, the damage was extensive. Her assessment of the scene before her confirmed the lieutenant's report. "What the bloody hell is going on here?!" Heads turned towards her and she identified each culprit, not surprised in the slightest except for Kynwric.
  6. Kilrin let out a laugh. "That's all? You don't want to bind one arm behind my back or anything like that?" It's been too long since she'd had such a clean and technical spar, these days she fought dirty just like any other warrior especially with her hip the way it was. Trollocs and Fades care nothing for a beautiful dance of steel done perfectly the way it should be done. "Terms accepted." She finished off her drink and rose from her chair. "I'll be seeing you tomorrow at high noon then."
  7. ooc: brief description of the movements here ic: Coraman nodded at Tywin's choice and unsheathed her own lathe; typically she'd use both of her swords but for this training session, it was important not to overwhelm the student. "So, using your weapon is just a small part of swordmanship. Your feet work and coordination both are important." She moved to stand beside Tywin, slightly ahead of him. "First, the foot work." She did the advance, retreat, and crossover moves, calling out each motion its name. "Let's do each one slowly first. Advance, move your feet without moving the rest of your body." She shuffled forward, "Keep your weight balanced and centered otherwise you're going to get knocked over." They repeated the move several times until she felt he got the hang of it. "Next, retreat. Same thing as advance, just backwards. The only difference is go back on your heels. Don't use the balls of your feet." Tywin fell into this motion much quicker. "Good. And now, the crossover. You will be using this a lot." She smirked at him. Cora moved her trailing foot ahead of the forward foot then immediately moving her forward foot to the front. She repeated it in the advance and retreat, watching her student mimic her moves. "Got it?" At Tywin's nod, she stood in front of him. "Now, for every action I do, I want you to react to it." She did a quick advance but nearly collided with Tywin. "Speed is very important, we'll work on that later." Cora smirked again. "Again." She did a quick advance. ooc: go ahead and repeat the moves until he's comfortable with doing advances, retreats, and crossovers. It'll only take half a day
  8. Kilrin jotted down the information in her enrollment book, nodding. "I'll send a note to the stable master regardless to make sure he's aware of your horse. When you have free time, meet up with him to discuss any special requirements." She stood up and gestured towards the door. "Come with me. Before I can assign your rank, we need to evaluate your sword skills." She grabbed her lathe by the door and stepped out of her office, glancing behind her to ensure Lewin was following. She lead him to a small sparring ring that she or one of her Guards used for these evaluations. Settling in a defensive posture, Kilrin nodded at him. "Begin." ooc: sorry for the wait! go ahead and try your best, it'll be a short evaluation and then we can go from there.
  9. A thief. Kilrin could scarcely believe it. She released Tywin and glared at him. Typically, thieves were dishonorably discharged from the Yards and escorted out of Tar Valon but their ranks were so thin. She couldn't afford to lose any more guards, especially after the reports she was receiving about Tywin's training progress. This one was actually promising but she couldn't risk any festering distrust from Aes Sedai either. "Explain yourself, Tywin. Tell me why I shouldn't throw you out of my yards for stealing from an Aes Sedai and attacking her." That wouldn't be enough, of course. He would have to be disciplined, she had a few ideas lined up.
  10. Kilrin finally looked up and assessed the boy in front of her desk. Like all men and women seeking to enlist with the guards, he was nervous. Am I that frightening? She almost smirked at the thought but kept her face cool. His long braids with bells marked his heritage. A borderlander, she was in dire need of more of these warriors because they already had some sort of training which allowed them to progress through the guard ranks much faster. "Peace favor your sword, Lewin Kell." She gave him a nod of respect. "Those from the borderlands are always welcome. At ease." Lewin visibly relaxed as she opened up the enlistment book. She jotted down his name, "Age and homeland?" She eyed his sword. "I assume you came with a horse as well?"
  11. Kilrin smiled and rose from her chair. Visar moved to do the same but she motioned for him to remain seated. "I always favored discussing the terms of a spar over a glass of oosquai." The look on Visar's face was priceless and she chuckled. She poured a healthy dosage in two glasses and returned to the chair, offering him a glass. "Let's do this tomorrow when the sun is at its highest, for all to see. I'll let you choose the conditions, whatever you think would give you the greater advantage." She chuckled again as she took a sip of the potent liquor.
  12. Coraman came out of her stretch slowly just as Tywin stepped up to her. "Have a good break?" She smirked, she knew all too well what trainees and guards liked to do on their off days. "Come, let's get started on basic movements." They headed towards the lathe rack and she motioned towards the different sizes and shapes, "Pick whatever feels right for you. We'll switch them out if you realize it's not working and once you find it, we'll head to the armory later to get you stocked with weapons." ooc: I know you wanted to do short blades, go ahead and pick out a lathe fitting the size and weight that you think you'd like.
  13. ooc: not a problem, you're doing good. We'll wrap this up, I'll make a new thread to go over some basic movements and some sword forms. You can use what you learn there for your knife fight with Visar ;) ic: Coraman grinned at Tywin and slapped him on the back, "Not too bad at all! You've worked pretty hard this past month and I can see the lesson of strength is ingrained by now." A couple of the older guards had remarked how hard the trainee worked at this course, it was definitely the making of someone to reckon with. "Come, let's go get a drink in town. You've deserve a good break, we'll pick up on your training the day after today."
  14. Kilrin scanned the document before her, it was a report from one of her commanders responsible for the east wall and apparently, there were a few deserters in the past week and he was requesting for a fresh supply of guards. She let out a sigh and scribbled her response when a knock resounded through her office. "Enter!" She folded the parchment and rolled the wax stick over the candle flame. As the door opened, she glanced up and saw a new face enter the room. Rekinu nodded his head in acknowledgement which she returned before he turned away. Pressing the melted tip of the wax stick to her letter, she spoke without looking up, "State your business."
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