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Coming Soon: DM's Wheel of Time Cage Match!

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Prepare yourself for the most anticipated event of the year (probably); Dragonmount's very own Wheel of Time Cage Match 2013.

The loveable rogue and military mastermind Matrim Cauthon holds the title from last year, who will claim the top spot this time?
For those who are unfamiliar with Cage Matches, two characters from the Wheel of Time will be pitted against each other in a match to the death. Each match will have it's own write-up scenario, but it is your votes that will ultimately decide the winner.

All matches and information can be found here
You can get behind your favourite character with one of the fabulous Cage Match "Team" Siggies here and put your Wheel of Time expertise to the test by submitting your own predictions for the chance to receive ultimate glory and a siggy to flaunt it!

Week One matches begin on the 30th of June so get ready to usher in a new King or Queen of the Cage!


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Don't forget that the Cage Match event is going on right now!  This week, the channelers are battling: 


Siuan vs Elaida

Alivia vs Moghedien

Narishma vs Halima

Grady vs Asmodean


Go add your vote and help decide who wins!  You have till 9pm EST on Saturday to vote for this round.

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