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World of Tanks


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I've been meaning to try this game out for some time but always got distracted by other stuff. Just finished installing and trying 2 matches.


It's not bad, it plays how you expect it to play. Exploring though the menus a bit I realize I've only skimmed the surface of what's available.


Oh, and is there a way to zoom in battle or tell if a target is to far away to hit? I've tried shooting at a distant hill but couldn't even see the explosion.

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Ive been playing this for a cuple weeks, and for a "free" online game its not bad at all. Even a newbie whos a good shot can beat a coiner in a one on one. Right now i am driving a pz3/4 and am working on getting a hetzer. Anyone with no clue what im talking about you need to play the game ;p

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