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[SG Faire: ACW Guild] Siggy Compitition and Stall


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Welcome to the Siggy Stall!


For this part of the Faire we are holding a siggy competition and then Auction at the end of the fair. Everyone is encouraged to enter and participate but you are also able to choose to wear these at the end of the Fair.


We have to categories you can enter;


Social Groups,

this is a siggy that shows anything or everything about a SG of your choosing. Promote your SG and faction within those groups in siggy form


The Wheel of Time and Robert Jordan,

It's what brought us all together and now that AMOL is out it has come to an end. Make a Siggy to show what the Books have meant to you or in memoriam of Robert Jordan or Brandon for taking over the task. As long as they Celebrate WOT they count!




1. You have 3 submissions per person.

2. There are two categories; prompting a SG, and honouring the Wheel of Time and RJ

These can be expressed as you with we just need to know what SG you are prompting

3. These will be "sold" at an auction at the end of the fair, be
prepared to personalise text for people if nessacary (but nothing
extreme just adding names and stuff)

You can keep one private if you submit more than one but make sure you state that its claimed when you post it

4. Voting will be held from the second week of the fair and kept open
till the end. So the sooner you submit them the more time people get to

5. The winner gets to pick a first place siggy that they can choose to keep private for themselves. The rest will be auctioned first come first served and may be only one offs depending on the Artists wishes


6. As always please follow DMs Siggy Rules


So go forth and Create. Panchi and Myself will be running this thread so PM us questions or Siggys, we are more than willing to help.


If you want a go but dont know how, PM me and ill work with you to figure out what software you have and how best to go about it.


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