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Circles, Leading Circles, and Saidar/Saidin


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Okay. So I have spent the past hour re-reading a bunch of parts of WoT with circles but I can't find something to disprove or prove my theory.


If there are two circles, one led by a man, on by a woman, and both were wielding Saidar and Saidin, could the man see the woman using Saidar?


I'm pretty sure I'm wrong but I've been trying to find an example in the book where it says they couldn't see the opposite power. 


I suppose I'm trying to figure out cross-gender teaching of the one power. I've had a lot of people tell me one way or the other, but none have any proof.

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The leader of the circle has to be able to at least see the weaves they are making, be it in Saidar or Saidin. There is no way around that.


During the battle at the Clensing, Hopwil has to warn Daigian that Aran'gar is channeling Saidin. So, this proves that the leader cannot see the opposite gender's weaves. Which makes battles especially hairy, in my opinion. How do duels between gender's be anything but quick-draw style?

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