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The Dice System - A New (Optional) Way to RP!


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At the Children of the Light, we are encouraging more spontaneity and fun in our RPs. To that end, we’ve added a dice system to some of our RPs to add elements of chance and danger, and adventure!


If you take part in a Mission RP as part of your advancement, the RP Group Leader will be directing the course of the RP with events based on your actions. They may use the dice roller to the right to determine the outcome of your actions. (Think a Dungeons & Dragons style RP with the RGL as a Dungeon Master).


Want to do the same in a personal RP? Now you can! Set up your RP so that as you post, you can roll the dice to determine if you succeed amazingly, just succeed, neither succeed  nor fail, fail, or fail miserably.


How to do it? Go to our Dice Roller Webpage, make sure the dice roller to the right is set on 1 d20, then click roll and follow the guidelines below:


1-4: You fail horribly. Things get much worse than they already are.

5-8: You fail, but not miserably.

9-12: You neither succeed nor fail (stalemate).

13-16: You succeed, but not spectacularly.

17-20+: You succeed so amazingly, it’s like a miracle.


What about your skill? Shouldn’t that have something to do with it? After all, a Lord Captain is not likely to fail horribly in a fight with an unskilled swordsman. That is true, and so to even things up a bit, simply add 2x your Rank tier (1, 2, 3) to your dice roll. As a reminder, Children, Scouts and Seekers are Tier 1; Hundredmen, Rangers, and Arbiters are Tier 2, and Captains, Spies, and Inquisitors are Tier 3.


Note: You should only add your Tier if you are attempting something that your Tier has direct knowledge of. For example, I wouldn’t use my Inquisitor’s Tier score in a sword battle, unless he was also well trained with a sword, equivalent of a Captain.  I also wouldn’t use my Ranger’s tier score in an interrogation, unless that is something my character has direct experience with.  Nobody will enforce this rule, so it’s more of a “On Your Honor” thing. Just be reasonable when you use your Tier to boost your roll. See examples of good usage below.


Example: I want to have my Arbiter character attempt to extract a confession from a Darkfriend. I roll to see if I am successful, and add 2x my Tier (2) to the dice roll. I roll a 4, add 4 for my Tier, for a total of 8. This means that I fail to extract the confession, but not miserably. I then take this cue and continue my RP, writing that the prisoner died before I could get the confession from him.


Example: I have a Spy and wish to have him attempt to forge the handwriting of a noble in order to send a fake letter to another noble. I roll, and add 2x my Tier (3) to the dice roll.  I roll a 16, and add 6 for my Tier, for a total of 22. This means that I succeed spectacularly. I then take this cue and continue writing my RP, explaining how my expert forgery caused the exact chain of events I wanted it to.


Please feel free to ask questions or leave comments on this system below.

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